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Recent posts by Joey Omahoney

Hey Kristy,

how did you find your property? Relocating from Louisiana to that area in mid 2020. Really liking the san marcos / lockhart area as well. Looking to buy a property with a house and do permaculture stuff on grid.

1 year ago
thanks you guys for the genuine responses!

this is totally NOT a permaculture project, its a childrens recreation project that i'm being sub sub sub contracted for my specific area of expertise. I won't be travelling 3000 miles or whatever it is, on the budget i have to work with.

I am not designing any of the gardens or plant materials as it's not in my scope of work, unfortunately.

I will incorporate your suggestions and try to find our more from the project prime, a Landscape Arch firm based in canada. thanks guys.
2 years ago
I've been asked to work on a project in a reservation, it's not a permaculture project, btw. Permaculture in my mind, has its foundations in indigenous wisdom, and that some permies work with indigenous communities is why i'm bringing this question here.

the community has asked for the symbology of a turtle and a snake to be expressed within the design. I am hoping to find a little more design inspiration... I haven't been able to find anything other than some beautiful drawings of turtles and drawings of snakes but not both. I would love to dive deeper into this prompt, and was wondering if anyone had suggestions, or experience with following design process in this way.
2 years ago