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Recent posts by Mike Lang

Fred Daran wrote:The speaker mentions a cost of 0.02 €/kWh

Thank you, Fred. I was watching the subtitles too closely to see the slides. Re-watching the video, you hear the speaker say "...something something kilowatt hours", but that part is not included in the subtitles.
1 year ago

Fred Daran wrote:Concrete flywheels are coming

That video was completely devoid of technical performance figures. If I was pushing an invention like his, that's the first thing I'd mention. Very suspicious.
I don't fundamentally oppose this technology, but if it works, the numbers need to be provided.

EDIT: What I want to know is: how much energy the flywheel can store (in Joules or Watt Hours); how physically large the flywheel is; what the cost per kiloWatt hour to the end consumer will be.
1 year ago

Sebastian Köln wrote:Embedding them in a <img src="file.svg"> should be safe.

If it was that easy, then why do libraries like this exist? - https://github.com/darylldoyle/svg-sanitizer/tree/master/src
Furthermore, why does WordPress core still block them by default? - https://core.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/24251

Sebastian Köln wrote:SVG might be interesting for drawings.

SVGs uploaded from untrusted sources are a security nightmare. You can embed scripts in them, and that's just the tip of the iceberg.
Here's a recent video by Cody'sLab making DIY activated charcoal.

As you'll see, this is a very special process that is totally separate from normal charcoal making.

1 year ago
I'd like to try and buy the testing chemicals in bulk rather than the kits, which feel very overpriced.

The kits contain two liquids - one called "barium sulphate" which I have read is a "flocculant" and its purpose is to clump suspended particles together to clarify the water to get a better colour reading.

The other chemical is unlabelled. My first thought is that it is universal indicator fluid, but I'm unsure.

Does anybody know with confidence?

Many thanks in advance.
1 year ago
My gut feeling is that this idea will introduce too much thermal mass into the riser, and will suck too much heat out of the flame.

Paul Wheaton uses ceramic fibre in his risers because is has a very low thermal mass and high heat tolerance.
1 year ago
Not sure if you're making a subtle joke or not...but it's *guerrilla* not gorilla.

1 year ago
Just because we're talking about super capacitors, here a video from July 2018 on their production:

1 year ago
I think there's three things that need (or, I want) to happen to make Linux mainstream:

1) Windows games need to be playable on Linux without making more work for developers (this is already happening thanks to Valve Proton).

2) The Adobe suite needs to run on Linux without needing extra setup. I have heard Wendell from Level1Techs say that Linux and macOS share enough heritage that it's conceivable one day that all macOS software will run on Linux.

3) Linux needs to start shipping by default (or as a configurable option) on more consumer laptops.

There is another exciting thing called Flatpak which should make installing complex apps much easier on Linux. Flatpak is already supported on Linux Mint 19.

I can't wait for Linux to go mainstream.
1 year ago