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My wife,son and I working on a little farm.
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Recent posts by Christopher Shepherd

It has been taking us about 4 years to compost hog heads.  Most of the other bones compost between 1 and 2 years.  What is the best medium to compost bones in?  We use the bury and flip method with wood chips and manure.  Is there a better solution?
1 month ago
Nice pictures Diane. Pictures really help out trouble shooting. Great catch David.  While I was looking at the box the neutral and ground look like they are bonded, you already got to it.  This is a common problem with this type of inverter. I have found the ground will shock me with about 60v.
2 months ago
I got a set like this for Christmas with the thought of using them year round and they didn't work by the time spring came around.  The batteries died.  The little panel was still working well.

I started just making my own with lead acid batteries and a good controller.  For me it has been more cost effective over time.
2 months ago
Hello Dennis.  I agree that this is not offensive to me one little bit, but it is to someone.  I have a friend outside of permies and his education means everything to him.  This would set him off.  I have a thick skin and have been put down and made fun of so many times it approaches infinity. This doesn't mean others do.

This site is for a wide variety of people from all over the world.  Our wonderful staff is from all over the world.  Words have different meaning around the world.

Paul has put together a site that is the most inclusive that I have ever seen.  He has a history that has given him a great education to do so.  I started posting here, because it is a safe place where I do not get made fun of.  A site for gentle souls.

Paul loves this site so much that out of his busy schedule he still answers question here.  Think about that for a moment.  Thousands of people want a moment from Paul, and he will answer you or me.  Pretty darn cool if you ask me.

The staff I get to work with are awesome.  For me this is a privilege that has changed me in many ways. This staff is full of real people with the same issues and problems everybody in life have.  While the staff work hard to make sure this is the best permies site in the world, I will never tell one that they can't be offended by something.
We finally found some mushrooms this year!  I was quite excited.

4 months ago
I agree Annette.  I have ben lucky enough to teach quite a few girls things that most guys will never know how to do.  My wife's sister is about 5 years younger than my wife and I.  When I married my wife, my sister in-law would always come out to the shop and help.  She is quite handy with tools and smart too.  The difference between teaching her and the boys was she has the ability to listen much better.  She easily would do things step by step that I taught her.  Not so with the boys, many times they only heard half the instructions.  They often would get stuck, because they skipped a step.  From my point of view, the boys learn better by hard knocks and the girls would rather just follow along.  Boys don't seem to care as much for other's opinions.  

My sister in-law can rebuild a weed eater carb much faster than me now.  Her hands are much smaller and she can put the tiny parts in with her little fingers.  I get a kick out of watching her work. Now when she is out yard saleing she finds all sorts of tools for me and knows how to use them.  To look at her you would never guess that a feminine woman like her would ever get her hands dirty.

I personally don't care who someone is, if they want to learn I'll teach them.  Watching someone who has been freed to do something for them selves is quite rewarding for me.
4 months ago
This reminds of the story of George Bernard Dantzig.  Solving problems that he didn't know were unsolvable.  

When hiring engineers I like to ask how many big problems did you totally mess up.  The engineers that messed up the most, always make you more money.  The willingness to fail will make things better in the long run. It is a rare trait.
5 months ago
We ended up going for 4 weeks this year!  We made 27 gallons of syrup.  Was a great year.
5 months ago
Hi Sena.  Here is a cost effective fan system we use.

5 months ago

Gierlothnir Wodanson wrote:[The way you just put the fact that our lives are just a wink in time into perspective the way you just did for me…. Shew

The good news is if I live to be old as grandma was, I get to plant a garden 45 more times!