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Recent posts by craig howard

 I attended a hazelnut informational meeting at an ag school in MN.
The instructor said agriculture was a degree that would cost nothing.
He said there are so many grants out there from seed companies, equipment makers, chemical companies ect. ect..
I suppose you've checked about these in your area.
Maybe it's not the same in your area or they don't have as many grants for sustainable agriculture classes.
1 day ago
I wonder if it's possible to make a face mask from a vacuum cleaner hepafilter.
Isn't a hepafilter designed to filter bacteria?
3 weeks ago
Those are dies for flaring tubing.
Looks like maybe a bubble flare or double flare die.
3 weeks ago
Earth worms in the compost would eat the eggs wouldn't they?
1 month ago
Where did you get the LEDs?
1 month ago
I'm not real educated on rocket mass heaters
but the mass part of the name means there is alot of weight involved.

How would that work with something like a mobile home?
2 months ago
A loader is important but so is the PTO.
You probably know that tractors like the 8N don't have a live PTO.
Stop the tractor and the PTO stops.
Many of the very old tractors don't.
I think the Allis Chalmers WD was one of the first to have a live PTO.
I like them because the frames are separate from the engine/trany
and the folks on the forum are very helpful when it comes to fixing this old iron.
2 months ago
This might be out there.
I've heard they use beet juice to fill tractor tires with.
Somehow the beet juice doesn't freeze.
I wonder if it could be added to chicken's drinking water.

I think I also heard something about oats doing the same thing.

Way off topic, since you don't want to use a solar panel.
I bought a couple lizard warmers cheap on ebay.
USB plug.
They only use 5 watts.
Wouldn't take much of a solar panel to run a couple of them.
No battery or controller.
A buck a watt for an old used 30 watt panel.
A cig lighter to USB converter.
Total $40 bucks.

Drawback: It would freeze at night and thaw during the day when they need it.
So they might not have water first thing in the morning.
2 months ago
I'm wondering how it meters the fuel.
Is it controlled by vacuum?

I checked the site and it looks like there are some real savings here.
Propane is sometimes available for under $1,... usually under $1.50.
Can be bought and stored in bulk.

Off topic:  I've heard that hydrogen can be stored right in a tank with propane.
2 months ago
Sometimes rodents are mostly looking for something to quench thirst.
Maybe set some water nearby.
2 months ago