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Recent posts by craig howard

I just have one machine.
Here's my old industrial tredle.
sewingmachine by vwfatmobile, on Flickr

It only goes in a straight line but it will go through 6 layer of seatbelts.
"Chunk, chunk chunk".
It'll go through more if I go one stitch at a time.
It has the knee lever for raising the presser foot.

I got it when I helped roof a business.
It was in much worse shape.
Found some of the round bobbins at the salvage yard.
I added some drawers from another treddle.
3 days ago
After 89 bids it went for $5500 per acre.

82,940 bucks
Over the $15,000 assessed value by quite a bit.
2 weeks ago
 I think the one house per half mile was an attempt to stop development of agricultural land.

I did check with the Louisa county zoning guy.
He said there was no such zoning in effect in his county.
In Louisa county you can build a house on as little as 2 acres instead of requiring 10 acres like Cerro Gordo county,..
the county I currently live in.

Here's a link to the auction:

The auction started on the 21st and goes until the 28th.
As you can see there are 23 bids between 2 bidders.
The auction is already at $3,350 per acre.
The salesman was pretty close with his guess even a little low.

It's interesting to watch the bidding.
19411's initial bid was 2,500.
101257 bid 14 times the first day until he passed him at $2500.
19411 jumped the bidding up to $3000 and was instantly out bid and went to bed.
19411 started trying again this morning at 11:09am bidding $3100 but no joy for 19411.
He took a break and tried again around 8:00 tonight, took it up past $3,300
Today on the second day of bidding 10257 is somewhere over $3,350 and 19411 is stalled.
3 weeks ago
 I was talking to my local landowner buddy today.
He mentioned that if that was in our county I couldn't build anything on it.
Because you can't build a house within a 1/2 mile of an existing house.

Not sure how wide spread that code is,..
I'll have to check Louisa county codes.
3 weeks ago
That's over the budget.
Maybe 22,500 for bare land.
Even if it's smaller.
This is the first land auction I've followed.
It'll be interesting to see what it goes for.
3 weeks ago
 Thanks for the LLC info.
Maybe I'll form one some day.

I talked to the county assessor.
Not much info.
She said there has been a 15% increase on real estate prices.
Over the assessed value.
Can't remember what word she used but that was for property mostly in town, with a house.
She said farm land was going down.
No idea about property that was in between like this one is.

Talked to the sales manager,...
maybe for the auction house.
Russ, the name on the auction flyer.
He was pretty helpful, I think.
Is it a good idea to believe what the salesman is telling me?

He lived nearby and seemed familiar with the history of the land.
Although he didn't know there was a mobile home on it at one time.
He thinks the land will go for just under $45,000 dollars.
The bid is per acre. So under $3000 per acre.
3 times the assessed value. Yikes.

Side note: He also said farmland prices have been going up unlike what the
assessor said. With the price of grains going up.

More interesting points.
He said the church land was given to the church.
  If it disbands or whatever churches do,
not only will their driveway easement end but the property will be returned to the owner of this parcel.
 They can never sell it.

The driveway entrance to the paved road is at the top of a hill.
It's on high ground.
3 weeks ago
 This might be a little off topic but you mentioned you used a double-edged razor.
That's what I use and they make a hand crank blade stropper for them:

Double edged razors are cheap.
The sharpeners work great.
Kind of cool how it works and flips the blade.
Same blade for over a year.
shaving once a week.
I think it would last longer but I had some used ones stashed in the back of the blade box and wanted to try them too.
...and it seems a bit safer.

Grandma told me gramps used to sharpen the double-edged blade by
setting them against the side of a glass and spinning it.
I tried it, didn't work too well.  Might work as a last polish.
That's why I bought the twinplex.
4 weeks ago
Checked with Steffs auctions and the bidding is per acre.
And the bidding starts at $1000 per acre.
4 weeks ago
Hey John,
Looks like we were posting at the same time.
I don't think that's the same property.
It shows buildings on it.
You mention the church,.. but the picture on zillow doesn't show it.
I've been looking at the plot info. Didn't check the address.
Yeah, it's about a mile and a half down the road to the east.
Close to highway O.

 I've never tried zillow.
It seems to mess with my old computer.
I click close or X to see the map below it but nothing happens.

Zillow might be for properties that are listed with realitors.
Being an auction might mean zillow won't have it listed.
Maybe. I'm still not sure how zillow works.

The sale bill mentions the church has an easement.
Until it burns down or closes.
4 weeks ago
Gloria owns the farm land to the south.
57 acres?
I mentioned her in point 10 of my second post list,
which kicked off the LLCs as good neighbors discussion.

I'm trying to edit my first post to show the parcel in Beacon.
Instead of the whole county.

Beacon is what alot of county recorders use.
It's not 100% accurate but it's close.
You can click on any property and see who owns it.

I didn't drive down today.
It was a really nice day to work on outside projects.
Save the driving for nasty days.

Thanks Bryan,
I was thinking property is assessed higher than the value,... so they could tax it for more.
The local assessor here in our county is full of information about the local property values.
Great guy is nice to talk to and one of my neighbor's friends.
I'll try to get ahold of the Louisa county assessor.

I know interest rates are low now so people are buying. That will drive land values up.
Maybe the incredible increase in building supply costs might discourage people from planning to buy bare property for building new homes.
4 weeks ago