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Recent posts by craig howard

I've had this happen with wild grapes.
1 week ago
The diode idea was to have the panels run the fridge and charge the batteries.
But if the panels can't power the freezer by itself, that won't work.

There are also some folks on utube that have panels dedicated to just their freezer.
Because there is so much loss when you start including batteries.

He's right.
You can hook a relay to the normal, turns-on-at-night type switch.
So when the switch turns on, it turns off power to the inverter.
Or turns off power from the inverter.

Same problem with temp switches.
They commonly turn on when it's cold and off when the heater is warmed up.
Hard to get the common adjustable temperature switches to turn on the fan to a solar heat box
if they turn off when it gets hot.
So I rigged a relay to invert the output.
2 weeks ago
What voltage are your battery bank and inverter?
I'm wondering why you can't put a diode between the battery bank and inverter so when the voltage from the panels is higher than the battery,
it will charge the battery and run the inverter.
When the voltage from the panels drops lower than the battery the diode stops it from flowing back from the batteries to the inverter.

Of course if other things are running off this inverter, then it's probably just the AC to the freezer you want to control.
Instead of DC to the inverter.
2 weeks ago
Not so much interested in acquiring it.
But I am curious how it works.
So the steam from the tall boiler goes through the smaller canner and exits somewhere?
Or it goes around the outside of it, to heat it up?

Wondering how it could get enough steam to pass through the canner and out through somewhere, to heat it up,
without losing pressure.
1 month ago
My old john deere 55ev is just a rebranded echo 550.
I don't think john deere would put their name on it if it wasn't good.
I have been able to find parts for it, on the internet.
It's old reliable for me. The big saw that always runs.
1 month ago
So if I'm reading right,
the tall one is heated and produces steam,
that is piped into the shorter pot with the lid.

Or is the steam piped around the shorter one?
1 month ago
It would be nice to know what is causing them to die.
I suppose if you brought them in to get autopsied and it was bird flu they would take all your birds,.... at least.

 I heard elderberries help with chicken immune systems.
Maybe some colloidal silver in their water.
2 months ago
Hey nobody told me there was going to be a test.
I didn't study.
2 months ago
I was driving south and a few miles from my house in summer, there was a big tree covered in mushrooms.
They looked like oyster mushrooms.
The next spring I saw the guy in his yard and asked him what he was going to do with that dead tree.
He knew I was after the mushrooms.
He called me when he was ready to take it down,
even helped me load it in the truck.
I split it with my buddy and set mine under the drip edge of a maple tree.
Sure enough I had a good flush of golden oyster mushrooms every time it rained good last summer.
I think the bark needs to be kept on the log.

So I think it's possible to drag a log home and have it continue to produce, not sure what happens if a log gets too dry
2 months ago
I'm not sure what they coat the DVDs with.
I think they use a machine in the archives department of the library.
2 months ago