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Hi there,

The only thing that worked for me was sorezto collars, also have you considered some Guinea hens? They love fleas and ti ke and are a huge help. Great alarm systems as well.

Wilkinslady ashby wrote:I know there is already a topic on fleas but I need desperate help. I'm 37 battling fleas. I have tried EVERYTHING. I frontlined the animals. I have 3 Labs and 3 cats. It worked for a week and they were scratching again. I tried to shampoo my carpets, I flea bombed, I tried salt on the carpets and I tried DE. Nothing is working. I even DE'ed the dogs every day for a week and the next day they still had fleas. I'm exhausted. I spend most of my day fighting the fleas vacuuming, cleaning.. and I'm spent. I broke down the other night and just cried. I won't allow the dogs in the house now and I feel HORRIBLE about that. The cats are inside and I bathe them every night in dawn and flea comb them out... the next day they have fleas still. I wash bedding once a week and every 3 days I'll stick the blankets in the dryer to kill off the adult ones. I left DE on my carpets for a week and still I have fleas. I just don't know what to do. The DE was very dusty and it made me cough but I can't bring home a baby to fleas. Now my other kids tend to be very messy and they clutter up the toy room quite a bit. I have harped and nagged and they are finally after getting grounded from everything but breathing deep cleaning that room.
I just can't take it anymore. My docs told me I need to cut my physical activity down in the next few weeks but I can't or we are going to have to burn the house down. I'm so tired and I just want something to work!! Help! Am I doing something wrong? I thought the DE was suppose to be a miracle worker on fleas. Why isn't it helping? There are no outside fleas coming in because the dogs aren't allowed in. They are scratching and I feel bad for them but what else can I do? Nothing works. I put the DE on them and rubbed them down and they still had fleas. It's SO frustrating!!! Help!!

1 week ago

Kate Downham wrote:I’m writing a cookbook and am interested to hear other opinions about what is great to see in cookbooks, and things that aren’t so good. I'll post some of my answers to this in a comment below, and I am interested to hear other answers, even if it's just a comment on the amount of photos in a book, or something you've seen in a book that you'd like to see more (or less) of, or any other ideas that can help towards creating a great cookbook.

A few other things I wondered about…
I use Australian terms for things - eg ‘mince’ instead of ‘ground meat’. Already my way of writing ingredient lists is a bit clunky-looking sometimes because I try to make the choice of ingredients flexible (e.g. a recipe will work with kangaroo or other wild meats instead of lamb), and also because I put multiple measurements for things in sometimes (e.g. grams as well as cups). Would it be confusing if I just used the Australian names for things in the text, and then had a glossary at the back to explain the terms?

I like to see colour photos of completed recipes in the book, but it probably isn’t necessary for every recipe. Is there a certain amount of photos you like to see in cookbooks? Is a full-page photo with roughtly half, or a third of the recipes a good amount? Or is it better if I include photos for nearly every recipe, either full-page, or with four photos per 8”x10” page? What are your preferences for photos in cookbooks?

Is there anything you’d really like to see in a seasonal/local/homesteading/permaculture-inspired cookbook?

Anything you really don’t want to see in a cookbook?

I think it's a matter of opinion and how you live your life, for me I use old cookbooks like the original betty crocker's from the 60s. I dont have power so I need recipes without things like a food processor.  It taught me alot also, like how to store eggs and which side up. As well as which cut of meat comes from where.

I like recipes I can easily understand what ingredients are what and how long to beat or how to cook over a fire, not many cookbooks teach you how to bake on a woodstove and the only place I've found much information is on this forum. Pictures are helpful as well, but that's just me.
1 week ago

I deal with it by posting here and discussing problems with people on here, I figure if my rants get too whiny they just wont read.

Dave Burton wrote:I think this is worth discussing.

How do you all know that you are being impacted by stress, anxiety or grief? And how do you deal with it? Do you get physical manifestations of your grief or stress, too?

My voice is kind of the central essence of being, and I have found that this is where my body manifests physically my stress, anxiety, and grief.
I found this out two years ago. This was a year after one of my family members passed away. A year after they passed, I had trouble using my vocal cords and fought o even speak for about a year. Then, I must have finished grieving internally, because I eventually got my voice back for another year. Now that I am finishing college, approaching the adult world, and facing the challenges of being myself and doing what I believe is right and decent for myself, despite how different it is from society, I am struggling to speak again. My voice does not want to be available.

Another manifestation of my internal emotions physically are my eyes. After I had finished therapy for anxiety and depression this last spring, there were so many more emotions to be felt and a whole new depth to the world I had not felt before. And empathy became stronger, too. This summer, there were a few mass shootings, and I heard about them constantly on the news. First, I had burst into tears after hearing news reports for a couple days, and then for about a week and a half, just one of my eyes was constantly leaky and shedding tears. And that was how my body was expressing the grief I felt about these events. One half of my face was always wet.

1 month ago
Hi Chris,

Would one of those paper slicers like we had in art class work?
1 month ago
I actually got one!! Its a newt! Gorgeous colors
1 month ago

paul wheaton wrote:researching ...

Using it for a polishing solution:  "polishing plow bottoms"

tanning hides.

rubbing on your face for camouflage (it takes the shine off).

Making lye:  and with lye you can make soap and lots of other things.

to unclog drains

I read something about dipping the cut part of a potato in ash before planting the potato.

preserving fish?

a dust bath for chickens - killing lice and mites

traction on ice.

apparently, when used right, it can act a bit like a bleach with clothes.

Here is an article that talks about ash vs. lime on soils:

Some people put wood ash on fresh wood when pruning trees - to help the tree heal.

You're not kidding about the ice , we got hit HARD this winter and the ash is perfect for driveways, steps anything icey you may fall on. It was a huge lifesaver. Word to the wise, make sure you wipe dogs paws off before they enter the house.... trust me .
1 month ago
Wow ! That's amazing! I could never get to grab my tablet to get a picture of any wildlife besides salamanders ha
1 month ago

Amit Enventres wrote:Fig trees are warm loving trees and can be planted any time it has enough time to establish a good root system. The root system establishment does depend on your soil. In short, fig tree planting ok.

I just picked up a sapling last week doesn't seem to be doing the best, lost all but 1 leaf.=/
Hey this was a great idea ! Looks like a ton of fun
1 month ago