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Young (29 yo) gay man looking to break away from the rat race and work with the earth.  Goal is to own a few acres and be self sufficient. 
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Love your farm and outbuildings so far! Looks good, handsome!
1 month ago

Hi Dakota,

It’s good to meet another high desert Gardner.  How are you? I’m in NV near Reno.  

How many acres are you looking for in NW Arizona?


Dakota Miller wrote:Gay and single.

35 and starting to think I'll be single forever.

Just kidding. Grumpy cat is my spirit animal. grumpy I have always been. even as a child my uncles would get mad at me for having a "smart mouth". It took me years to figure out I'm not a bad kid. It's just my nature. As such you learn to live alone. Which is odd since I like having a friend around all the time. just not a lot of people. especially not a lot of annoying people. I'm convinced I'll meet my beloved partner for the first time at the grocery store at 5 am. I'm early to bed early to bed early to rise, really early. people are the silliest in the evening. Also waking up at 4 am gives me a few hours of blessed silence and isolation I can't get during a busy day.

I'm two years away from buying a permie farm in nw Arizona. I figure I'll create a shade forest with wild forage and live simple life. Grow enough food to send to my family harvest by mail.

4 months ago

Dave Burton wrote:I’m enjoying the Bootcamp; I think that we’re doing good work. In my opinion, creation can be a slow and repetitive process, but, I think it is worth it in the end when we can look at something and say we did it! For example, I kinda became the designated whitewasher, because I had the patience and gentleness to make the limewash really express its beauty and character! I applied many layers of limewash inside Allerton Abbey slowly and methodically, and now, that room is a gorgeous pretty white!

At the moment, I have peaso, cortido, sweet potato pickles, carrot kimchi, bean paste, mint chutney, and peach chutney going. Many of these are extended ferment duplicates of ferments I’ve tasted and tried at earlier times. I’m letting some of the duplicates go 1 month and some go 3 months or more.

Wow!  I'm happy to hear you're enjoying yourself and learning new skills.  It's funny how we kinda just figure things out like we were meant to know what to do.

Now I'm wondering what sweet potato pickles taste like.  The mint chutney I wish I could try.  I don't have any experience with fermenting, but I'm assuming there is a huge difference between letting something ferment 1 month vs 3+ months?  Do certain foods require shorter/longer fermenting times?

Rene Nijstad wrote:We've been facing existential questions to answer. Permaculture isn't really a thing here in Colombia, so that's not a good selling point yet. Funny enough focussing on a gay public did get us attention. For that we started a parallel website on

We'd hoped that some people would have joined us one way or the other, which also didn't happen yet. Our farm, when working it in the "permaculture" way, is too big for just the both of us.

So we've set out 4 different paths and we hope to figure out which one will work.
1. See if someone (or several people) wants to join us in a community kind of way, but with a bit of cash to invest
2. See if we can find an investor to help build out tourism options (building cabins etc)
3. Colombians may not be into permaculture at this time, but they love to spend weekends out of the city... We're about to start selling pieces of land to start a small gay condominium... Maybe that will work out. We can create a job as caretaker for ourselves like that as well. And tourism can still be added, our place is great for that.
4. If all of the above don't get any traction the remaining months of this year, we'll sell, buy something smaller and start again. That would be a shame, but we think we've reached the end of what we can do being just two guys on a huge mountain.

More on

Hi Rene,

I took a look at your website.  You've set yourself up for a great big adventure for just the two of you with some strong goals.  I have a background in English/Education and Business/Human Resources.  I have got a few ideas for you that I think can help.  Maybe we can talk?  Shoot me a 'purple mooseage' when you see this post!


James Landreth wrote:I've been doing a lot of volunteer activism. I'm setting up a food forest at a Methodist Church on Sunday, and I'm moving towards doing a large interfaith project down in Portland with my bee club next year. Fingers crossed. Other than that, looking forward to fall and winter.

That's a lot on your plate, James!  How's that working out so far?  Yeah, it sounds like you'll need that time to wind down and explore some other avenues of interests too until Spring.

Dave Burton wrote:I joined the Permaculture Bootcamp, and I am having a great time! I'm enjoying trying to cook for many people and making fermented foods!

How's the bootcamp coming along?  What kind of fermented foods are you growing?
Hi Alexander,

Any luck so far?  Would love to see a photo of you!
Hey all!  What's new in your worlds?  What are you doing right now?

Dale Hodgins wrote:Hi there. I'm batting for the other team but thought you guys and girls might get a chuckle out of this.    


Hello John!  Have you had any luck  in your search?  I hope to hear back from you!