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Looking for others to help fine tune a vision that involves - Family, Community, Love, and Respect.

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Hello... I am a 53 year old gay male. I grew up in Santa Cruz California and moved to San Francisco in my early 20s. I’ve been here ever since and it’s definitely time to leave. I live in a small room with my dog and I long to escape all of this concrete. Both my parents have died And I have no family left. Most of my friends have either moved away or died so I am totally alone in this life and need to change that. I want to find others capable of mutual love and respect. There must be other good people out there without a family support system that are open to finding others.
I have been sitting on an inheritance for years now because I want to be sure I spend it correctly. I would love to find or create some sort of community living. I’ve always dreamed of having a garden and growing organic food to share my culinary love.  I’ve cooked professionally so I know what I’m doing in the kitchen and love to cook for others. My current living situation doesn’t allow me to do that so I’m really looking forward to getting back into the kitchen. 
I have about $100,000 to put into this. Perhaps  more depending on what the situation demands. I understand my vision is a little vague at this point and that’s OK. This is definitely going to be a process and I look forward to collaborating with other like-minded people to fine tune a vision of mutual understanding. This is my first attempt to manifest and I understand this is a HUGE thing to tackle that will take a lot of time and expertise (to say the least) but you have to start somewhere. I welcome any advice/feedback. I would love to hear from others with a similar vision.
Thanks for taking the time to read this.
Be Well,
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Hello. I'm curious to to hear more about what you are looking for and how do you define like-minded? There are lots of ideas out there. What parts of the country are you interested in? I am working with some people to get a community started in Northwest Arkansas.
Here is what I have been posting on Facebook and have been getting some interest.
Who is interested in creating an ecovillage/intentional community/group of eco-conscious friends in the Northwest Arkansas area?
Why go it alone when you can pool resources, knowledge, tools, labor, etc.?
Need alone time? Take a hike in the woods.
Bored? Go to town. Bentonville, Rogers, Fayetteville have everything you would want.
9-5 jobs? Same towns as above have plenty of job opportunities.
What if I don't want a 9-5 job? Sell crafts and community raised fruits and vegetables at nearby farmer's markets.
 Live minimally and reduce the need for income and work part time.
 Do work/food trades within the community.
Family friendly non violent, drug and smoke free environment.
Decisions based on vote by members.
Don't want to live in community full time? Come out on the weekends and relax in your self built eco-friendly house/cabin/cottage/tiny house on wheels/tent.
Build eco friendly small houses. Cob, strawbale, wood, stone.
Campfire gatherings.
Board games.
Engaging conversations with people who share the same interests.
Solar heating/cooking/power.
Composting toilets.
Off grid.
Organic fruit and vegetable growing.
Land trust so everyone owns the property.
You are assigned a small plot to garden and build a house.
Shared common land and gardens.
All pets will not be allowed to run free as the native critters have enough predators.
Natural living meaning no pesticides, chemicals, harsh cleaning/body products, etc.
Efficient gardening methods such as no till, aquaponics, greenhouse, etc. The goal is to not work dawn to dark.
Wild harvesting/food forest.
Plenty of places nearby to swim, kayak, hike, etc.
Mild winters.
Yes, it can be buggy, but chickens and guineas can reduce that problem.
Yes, it can be hot and humid, but afternoon swims can be refreshing.
Get tired and want to leave? Sell your share to the trust, another member, or a new member.
We do not have land but are looking for members to contribute to a purchase.
 Land traits we would like to find:
   Large enough for a small village. 50 people or so ??
   Water feature. Creek, lake, river, large pond.
   Borders National Forest or walking distance.
   Tillable areas.
   Wooded areas.
   Not more than 1-1.5 hours from Bentonville/Rogers/Fayetteville, Arkansas, US.
How much is it to join? Will depend on number of members and cost of land.
When will this happen? As soon as we have enough members to make a purchase. We currently have 3 that are serious.
We plan to have a face to face meeting with all who are interested on Sept. 26 in the Bentonville/Rogers/Fayetteville Arkansas area. More details to come.
Additional information can be found here - https://www.ic.org/directory/independence-farm-community/?fbclid=IwAR0AzWabysF-JWJEL2mkTqa--g8_4aVESvGV357FfRwvHdZNA96JyhTcXT0
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hi Christopher!

All the visions are vague in the beginning and being open to ideas is important. I think we have lots in common.
I'm currently living in Las Vegas with my little dog without a family support system (it's times like now that you
realize how important that is) I'm interested in community living and read that the happiest places
on earth Finland, Denmark (that side of the world) are living that way. I think you'd be surprised how many good
people out there without a family support system . I have a theory- but for a later time. I'm very interested in
learning more about community sustainable living. I'm not in a good position financially now but I do have good energy
and health. I don't believe it's a far to reach idea it's already been done! btw what's keeping you out of the kitchen?

I'd like to be able to chat sometime! my email is mcasillas4711@sbcglobal.net and I have only a text app now its 310 6921450 but I'm able to make calls!
please, just send me a message- I'd love to hear ideas and share some too!

Good Wishes,

Marilyn Casillas
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Hello Christopher, thanks for your post.

My partner and I (interracial/heterosexual)are considering a similar route. We are very private people and not interested in having communal meals, etc, and definitely want private living space without being able to see or hear neighbors. Maybe our vision is more like a land share. Meaning buy a large acreage among a few people and each lives separately, yet neighborly.

I've lived in some shared land homes, rented a room in an urban co-housing development, and have lived off-grid.

I found your post looking for information on land trusts.

What climate and or part of the country are you interested in? We live in the mountains, in a rural yet progressive area. "In town" there is a co-housing project going up soon, more then 100K but I can get you info if you like.
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Good Evening Christopher,

My name is Rain and I’d like to offer my condolences for the loss you’ve been experiencing lately.

I felt alone for a long long time, my heart goes out to you and your loved ones.

I would like to take some time to share with you a little about myself, my journey, and my vision that has only began coming clear to me over the last year and I am now 26.

I too was a cook for a time and although I had a passion for it, it turned out to be a very unhealthy environment for my mental health at that time as I had a lot of self work to do. As I mentioned I used to feel utterly alone, my family members struggled with anger, alcohol, and drug abuse and it left me with more then one  scar, however over the last 3 years I’ve embarked on a beautiful journey of self healing, forgiveness, and have been inviting joy back into my life!

It is through this journey that my vision, my true life purpose has been coming clearer to me.

I’ll be honest I have little to work with to make this vision manifest, but I have so far cultivated the things I need before all else... Self Worth, Love, Family, Support and Determination!

My vision is The Rainbow Explorium. I’ll dive into details below but in short: Our Mission is to create a space that is both recreational and productive using recycled and reclaimed materials as our primary source of building materials. We will then present this space to the public in a way that is educational, sustainable, inspirational and beneficial to all!  

The best possible outcome for this project would be for us to acquire a piece of land that has been devastated either by fire or outdated farming practices and to rejuvenate it using permaculture techniques. We would also erect several greenhouses that would demonstrate other various horticulture techniques. Most of the food we grow will be donated to local schools and food assistance programs, while a small portion will be used by the explorium.

My partner and I are currently starting up a mushroom garden that will serve as one major part of our three part plan for generating income. We will sell them online dehydrated, jerkied, and marinated, and fresh to locals and nearby restaurants.

The second major part will be creating products from recycled plastic using machines created by Precious Plastic! We want to start with gardening equipment and work our way into water sporting gear.

Third our space will be available to rent for events such as weddings or music festivals! This means we’re going to need a BIG KITCHEN! Although I do love cooking, If I’m managing all this I’ll unfortunately not be able to be in the kitchen as much as I’d like, so I’ll be in need of a good CHEF TOO

Above all else we hope to create a space that cultivates community and brings all people who are passionate about sustainability together in a way like never before. We hope to generate enough income to assist micro AND macro level farms in switching from outdated methods that devastate our land to eco-friendly sustainable horticulture methods.

To get us up and going we plan to launch a kickstarter early next year. We want to offer an AMAZING prize to the top three donors however this will require us to have contracts written so it will take a little extra love and care. I am currently creating tons of content in the form of emails and videos to send out as soon as this launches to create a lot of excitement around our project. I’ll be reaching out to all kindS of people including farmers, recyclers, and celebrities because I believe EVERYONE wants to be a part of this. And even if they don’t, I’m still going to find a way to make this happen!

We are a family of four and would hope to have 3-5 other trusted individuals living and working onsite as well as open our doors to volunteers. Perhaps more later on, but that really comes down to the size of our property and our success rate.

We currently live in Nevada and I have a day dream property out by Pyramid Lake, but by no means we are not set in stone for our first location so that is a discussion we’d be willing to have with you as well as any other questions you may have.

If you’d like to learn more please email me anytime at rainbowexplorium@gmail.com, I look forward to learning more about your visions and dreams!

Love Always,

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