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Recent posts by Bocca Yi

The timing of this is perfect!
We have 2 grandchildren that come over often and want to craft, I struggle with coming up with ideas.
While I consider myself crafty enough and my stepmom made sure I had plenty of crafts as a kid, I still struggle with this!
11 months ago
I have had a few different experiences with mint. Crowd it with shrubs and or keep it dry and it doesn't spread.

In the garden we have 4 patches of mint, they are walked on and around, they have gotten wider but not spread invasively.  They get harvested for teas, love love love my mint tea blend. I've about 8 types and will be acquiring more.
They all het mowed occasionally which keeps them down a bit.

I would say for most people mint is invasive but if you are me, not so much.
11 months ago

Cris Bessette wrote:
I've found the flowering of Christmas cactus is completely dependent on temperature.
I have a few, the one at home in the cool kitchen is putting on buds right now, the one at work in the always warm building- nothing.

I've never had a good flush of flowers on mine, gave all but one away because if it. Wish I had known this!
11 months ago
Does it count if I mow them? I grew dent corn, chopped the stalks then we mowed over it and left it to mulch the area.
11 months ago
I don't sell them yet, so far just given them to dear friends.  I want to sell them I've just been dragging my feet because I'm not confident in my embroidery.
Wool hotpads made from recycled wool sweaters that I shrunk, they are water resistant and there are 3 layers
11 months ago
Those are amazing.  Only a year of doing this!!! That is a very creative person, I would be curious to see what else she does over the course of her life.

Pomegranate pie doesn't sound good to me if the seeds are included, unless they soften with cooking.

Quince pie sounds delicious, do they have to be cooked on the stovetop first I wonder?

Before I went gluten free of necessity I baked pies a lot and had fun with the crusts. I was quite the homebaker, I've been baking since I could walk. Not bragging,  I'm actually quite humble, I just enjoyed it immensely.
Anyways the fanciest I did was a lattice on cherry pie or leaves on the double crust.

11 months ago
I always thought it meant something to do with customer service  or it is providing you some benefit other than just the item you are buying.

Aside from that I despise advertising and the supposed stupidity of the targeted audience.  I've hated tv advertising always, as a child I would scream at the ads on tv.

Have you seen the peloton exercise bike ads? They bug me beyond belief.
11 months ago
I'm wanting to add critters to our yard, silkies,  indian runners and rabbits. Not a lot Haha, my guy would have a fit. Not much money as I don't work so need to figure out how to feed them as cheaply as possible.  The garden area is about 16th of an acre, it's full of bugs and weeds hahahaha ack

They would have to live inside our fenced in yard in an enclosure for their safety.   My son is a landscaper, he brings me leaves, grass clippings,  pine needles etc

I can set aside a row for them to grow foods for them and our area is quite the growing area so I have access to plenty of fruits, veggies etc. Winters the ground at some point freezes and we often have snow in the winter months.

Any advice appreciated.
11 months ago
Lots for me to process and since this isn't the only thing going on in my life or affecting decisions.

I'm not opposed to going to the dr, a friend recommended one she likes so will give it a try. I do want a proper diagnosis, I'm just hesitant to take a medication if what I'm consuming can address it.

I don't have the articles at my fingertips but repeatedly read that acid reducers contribute to stomach cancer. The acid is to digest food so if it's blocked, what happens to the food?

Proton pump inhibitors is the treatment if the ulcer isnt caused by h pylori.  If it's h pylori and you take the antibiotics, doesn't that open me up  to other issues as do most antibiotics.

Regardless I prefer to use foods and herbs to control my symptoms.
I am capable of eliminating coffee from my diet as I've done it before.

*** I should have watched the video first!  Small meals, always, low fat Haha oops. Ok will work on that asap and cut back on the coffee. Bananas and oatmeal, absolutely eat those now.
Thank you!!!

1 year ago
Thank you!
Our freezer is full of mountain foraged elderberries, looking forward to having more info at my fingertips.
1 year ago