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since Apr 26, 2019
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will dump it this evening if it still doesnt taste like kombucha after 10 days
6 months ago
It might be white mold floating

There's a full sheet a bit below water level that hasn't grew in 3 days
6 months ago
9 days in

Looks like the sheet of scoby is a bit below water level

There's a bunch of white dots floating, I think that might be white mold.

What do you think?
6 months ago
the batch of the original post finally ended up being great and tasting good too
6 months ago
After 6 days

small white dots

isn't sour and didnt taste good
6 months ago


is this moldy? theres a bunch of white dots

Second batch, first was good

took a little sip of this after 6 days and it wasnt sour, bizarre too
6 months ago

J Davis wrote:Cant see the pic, but from others comments, sounds narrow.

Half gallon mason jar with paper towel over opening held by rubber band works great. Wide, allows airflow.

Add some mother from Apple cider vinegar (stuff at bottom) and / or a bottle of sltre bought kombucha (the drink, not starter) to kick up the probiotic counts.

Wouldnt be concerened if it sinks for a bit, but it needs some adjustment. Storing in dark place?

It's in a place that is dark 65% of the time

I'll some apple cider vinegar but im worried there's the vinegar eel thing, is it common? Should and can I check that before or can I just assume there's not? It's good quality organic apple cider vinegar

7 months ago

Joseph Lofthouse wrote:Kombucha requires oxygen in order to grow. Is the top of the carboy open to the air? It might prefer a wider mouthed container rather than a narrow mouthed carboy. It might prefer more surface area in relation to depth of liquid. I think that I would have crumbled the scoby starter into lots of small pieces rather than a couple of large chunks. More surface area leads to more opportunities for quicker growth.

Lol, it's not, there a water pressure seal thing on top

Thought it was an anaerobic culture like beer, it's a beer fermentation keg

Nothing has moved, no film on top

I'll open it

Hope the tea is not too old now (taste not as good?), it's been 4 days
7 months ago
3-4 days in

11.5L tea at room temperature

12-13 pouch of green tea

2 of black tea (aromatized unfortunately)

4.5 cup of sugar

New scoby from the store (2 white square), first time ever for this scoby and my first kombucha bew

it's been 3-4 days and I still have this,Scoby went from floating to 2-3 inch below water line

Is it dead or will it start

Can I reuse the sugared tea (will be some days old) with a new scoby if dead or will it not be good anymore


7 months ago