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Recent posts by Wm. Osburn

Hope I'm one of the winners of his new book.
I'm unemployed and on a fixed income.
Right now, I've spent all summer building a shed under my lower deck.
It will be an additional 228 sq ft of storage for my garden tractor, concrete mixer, and other garden tools.
The good part is I've taken pictures of this journey along the way.
Maybe I'll make a book out of it to help others along the way.
1 year ago
Looks like an interesting book.
I would like to win one because right now I'm unemployed.
I have a greenhouse kit but the land is not flat to set it up.
And right now we got our first snow of the year.

1 year ago
I have been a supporter of Paul's book and have been lurking in the background.
I've also been very busy the entire summer, digging by hand, setting forms, and pouring concrete.
I poured a total of 6 concrete pads, 6 ft x 8 ft for a total of 228 sq ft under my lower 12 ft x 24 ft deck.
I also built brick walls on both ends, put in a personnel door, and have done framing.

I have done skills I have not done before. Brick laying looks easy on YouTube. But I challenge you to try it yourself!
And all this is for a shed that shan't be seen. I have been taking pictures all the while when I have been doing this work.
I'm surprised a lot of people wouldn't even know how to do some of this. The skills I have been doing could be used to build a cottage or even a house.
So maybe I'll write a book about this when I'm finished. I want to get finished soon as it's starting to get cold outside.

1 year ago
I didn't see Shawn's video.
But I did get a post saying my pledge was weird.

I boosted from $25 level to $100 (Glory). So I don't know what the problem is.
If there needs to be more for shipping at this level, please let me know.

I've done other Kickstarters before and don't know why this had to be so difficult?

Email me if you have questions or problems. And please set my level right.

1 year ago