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Michele Sundholm

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since May 21, 2019
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Recent posts by Michele Sundholm

Hello Michael!  I haven't taken time to research a paw paw tree.  Hardy in Iowa?  Just moved to an acreage and am trying to implement permaculture into our landscape.  Any fruit trees would be welcome.  I'll do my research - in the meantime, yes to Iowa and it's frigid winters??
3 weeks ago
We are always looking for ways to amend our garden soil.  Compost tea is probably what we need!  Newly tilled garden, virtually no nitrogen.  Our property was a cattle lot many many years ago.  The garden is respectable this year but we know it can be healthier.  Thanks for being here Eric!!
3 months ago
Welcome Yuri!  Would Love, love, love to win a Fokin Hoe!  Looks like just the tool we need in our veggie garden!!  
4 months ago