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Movies are useful:

2 weeks ago
I was gobsmacked when I came across this decades ago:

So, it is possible to build to survive a hurricane. I do need to point out that their wheelchair access is a goner.

This got me to thinking if there was a building code for a tornado resistant house. I failed to find any example. It is heartbreaking to see entire houses sheared off after an F5 wanders through. It seemed to me that rebuilding like "normal" was plain insanity.

I came up with a design that would half-survive a tornado driving 2 by 4s horizontally.

I inverted the house. Bedrooms, kitchen, storeroom, garage and bathrooms are on the ground floor. This is to be brick and mortar with smaller windows. Ditto for the stairwell. The first floor will be the living, dining and anything else. This can be of wooden construction with huge plate glass windows which open to a balcony and a walkway to a berm that surrounds the house and is one storey high. The berm is a one turn spiral with a slight overlap. Your Cybertruck can be driven in until it is hidden from view. Hardy shrubs and trees can be planted to strengthen the berm.

In the event of a tornado, the first floor and roof is sacrificed. The berm protects the ground floor from projectiles. You survive and life can still continue unlike current prospects where all you have is the shirt on your back.
2 weeks ago
01 At the  top end sushi restaurants where they serve real Wasabi, the root is grated with sharkskin.

02 Yes, I have encountered all manner of sharpening materials and systems. I get lured into trying these - those I can afford - and the results are mixed. What I find is some materials need to be paired with the blade material for the best results. Overall, diamond works in all cases followed by ceramic. Ceramic gets black with metal and - I usually only use this to sharpen sewing needles and penknives - this can be easily cleaned with an ink rubber. I work with electricity and an ink rubber is great for cleaning contacts. I used to repair computers and sometimes you get  a spoilt card or board with a stamp sized chip that has legs around the periphery. If you cut the legs off, the underside of the chip is a flat ceramic surface.  

03 I use these cheap kitchen choppers for gardening. The metal is akin to spring metal because the knife rings when you strike it. I always desire razor sharpness but I will settle for a bit of serration. Carborundum grindstones just seem to slide off this metal and carbide shavers can't seem to get any grip on the surface. The quick and dirty method here is to use a rat tail file along the edge.

04 Oh, on a final note my pair of Tullen snips has never been sharpened nor has any need of. I haven't the slightest clue what kind of metal it's made of.
2 weeks ago

Heather Sharpe wrote:Great idea! Do critters ever end up chewing on the wood trying to get the oil? I'd imagine they'd avoid something rancid, but some of them don't seem too picky.

I don't rub/paint used vegetable/cooking on wood/handles because we have this small red ant that comes and covers such a treated object{fried chicken bones} with soil. They then encamp there. This is why my bucket of oil soaked tissue/rage/newspaper{all set aside for starting fires} is suspended out of their reach. I would hate to burn any ants still lingering. I don't know which oils are safe but palm oil cooking oil{plentiful here} does not seem to WARNING spontaneously combust as Linseed oil WILL. I read that coconut oil will also spontaneously combust. So I rub my wooden handles with used engine oil. I was neglecting all the engine oil soaked newspaper until I came across the Linseed oil danger. I think that is safe to leave about as I see a lot of greasy rags at the car workshops.
1 month ago

Josh Boschma wrote:OK thank you for the email. But i followed the directions and it showed that i am on the rewards i selected $65.
Is it possibly because i am having to pay extra for the shipping to canada? i get to pay $105 USD

I would think so. I now have to pay an extra USD30 for postage even if it is just{still} one book. Just bite the bullet and think of it as early Christmas shopping. Someone up there might have plans for your extra books so I watch and wait for signs.

To the staff and admins, high time to have some sort of UNDO for mistaken posts/replies. My inbox is getting inundated with repeated updates. I am gonna unwatch for one whole day.
1 month ago

Jennie Little wrote: All I have to do now is figure out where to cook it. It's way too tall for our wood stove.

What would be the ideal dimensions for your stove? Print it up and post at your local bulletin boards{church?} for a trade{this comes from the tale of Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves - fiction is useful}. Specify that it is unrepairable as a pressure cooker. I always make it a point to highlight the dangers or shortcomings up front. I can't shake this particular habit/compulsion/obsession. If you are lucky, you can join the ranks of biochareers very soon. You might even convert the other party. Mention biochar in your notice. If people understand the purpose they might make more effort to rummage through their kitchen. If you run out of fuel, I understand there is a surplus of used clothing in the USA. Make charcloth and offer it to outdoorsmen and women.  I missed the too tall bit. Ask around for anyone handy with an angle grinder. That should do the trick then.
1 month ago

Nicole Alderman wrote:

I believe Kate Downham lives in Tasmania? And I think the most affordable way to print was to actually print outside of her country. I'm not sure, though.

Yes I discovered the Tasmania connection while trying to figure out her rather vague sauerkraut recipe. Room temperature in the tropics isn't room temperature in Tasmania.

I decided not to engage the Knights unless I can negotiate with Arthur. Maybe I could use them as stocking stuffers and spread the knowledge in this neck of the woods.

Perhaps a task force could explore finding an offshore printer/distributor for non-US backers. I don't mind surface mail if the costs are considerably lower. My last purchase from Brisbane was stuck at Sydney for a week waiting for an aircraft.

1 month ago