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Recent posts by Joseph hackett

Perennial basil is my number one plant for pollinators, it never stops pumping out flowers and the bees go crazy for it. I've also seen praying mantises setting up camp in them, so that's a bonus :)
4 years ago
A sewing machine could save a lot of waste through clothes and material repair
4 years ago
If you want some inspiration, here is a guy from Queensland, Australia who forages food to sell direct to chefs.

4 years ago
I had luck with an almond tree in heavy clay on my clients property. No amendments, only a thick layer of woodchips. My guess is that the increased mycelium and worm activity did the job.
4 years ago
My approach to reducing waste is:

Buy as much second hand as possible. Anything that you can't find second hand, buy the most durable product on the market. Here's a few high quality things I own:

- Levis jeans (bought 8 years ago, no tears in fabric)
- leather boots
- 18/10 stainless steel pressure cooker
- Expensive hiking tent with good zippers and ripstop fabric
- Expensive sleeping bag
- Thick plastic glasses with lenses replaced twice so far, and sunglasses, lenses replaced once

Long term electronic gadgets:

- Nokia 8110
- Ipod classic
- Sennheiser headphones (just threw them out after 7 years).

Things on my list to buy are a cast iron skillet, glass containers with clippable lids and resusable freezer bags

4 years ago
Has anyone had success growing food in very little light? Here are a few things getting going this spring in my inner city backyard, which only receives afternoon sunlight.
4 years ago
I read this post ages ago and have been climbing plants over each other ever since :) Here are my sugar snaps making use of a cranberry hibiscus which goes spindly in the winter.
4 years ago
Purslane, good king henry, new zealand spinach, cranberry hibiscus, rhubarb, taro, sorrell, oca..

Lots of plants in a permaculture garden are high in oxalic acid, and the internet has lots of claims that it can cause kidney stones or prevent your body from absorbing minerals. I have a diet high in these foods, (although I blanch them as much as possible) and have no negative health effects and normal iron levels. Just wondering if anyone has thoughts on this topic?
4 years ago

Inside a pressure cooker, very little of the steam or other material comes out, so how would pressure cooking reduce the chloramine?

When you finish cooking with your pressure cooker do you let it cool naturally, put cold water over it or use the quick release button? I take my pressure cooker outside as soon as I'm done cooking and press the release button. Steam comes out like crazy, and I'm assuming that's when the chloramine comes out.
4 years ago
Incredible book, but it's in line with all of my opinions. Curious to see reviews from people outside the permies community :)
4 years ago