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Never sure what to say about myself...
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There's a sea creature like that. It has a primitive brain when ambulatory which dissolves during tbe stationry phase of its lifecycle...
Oh yeah, about the brain thing- you need because you're moving around... stationary organisms that are in one spot don't require it...
Hmmm, not sure system is the right word here, I  don' t think that  word even comes close to the innate awareness that exists-- system is more lile a term I can use to wrap my head around it --- just sayin...
Not sure how relevant anyone might find this but Buudhist believe  in "dependent arising" which is to say everything is interdependent- probably more vastly and subtly connected than anyonre is aware.

From my own experience:
I have experiened insights beyond my own frame of perception, that I am pretty sure extend beyond my personal ability to address, or even know actually.

Such as if a visually impaired cat, with only one eye would be ok when it went missing overnight. I had the gut feeling, viserally tangible, it would be  found, hours before it was. I am in Washington state, said cat was in Arkansas.

My point is, we are all connected. We are all part of a living system and this system knows stuff, stuff that we don't know on the personal level of empirically based experirence.

I hope this is a relevant reply to your thoughtful post.

To restate: it seem as if we are all part of this really big living system that has a more complex and comprehensive  cohesion than we are aware of, --- examining changes in molecular structures (DNA) is akin to looking at a 'result' or a 'symptom' so to speak.  As best I can tell.
Seriously, you don't sound arrogant or like an ass, but uou might be a tad intimidating perhaps... I wish you all the best in finding a partner...( I am so not that person age wise ...  ).

Also, this is so not my business, but there is a very good book called:

"Why we sleep unlocking tne power of sleep and dreams"

by Matthew Walker, Ph.D. (UC Berkeley). I

I highly recommend this text based on your self report of 4.5 hours  of sleep per night...

Take Care,
Shy Tsering Choedon...
Gee, with what you've weitten. And your photo, I know you would get a response if people knew you were seeking a partner... (that's not me age wise for sure). Ok, it's like this: the carrying capacity of the land  (NZ) has one of the best people to resource ratios in the world. It is probably one of tbe most progressive places in terms of supporting tbe environment and is really gorgeous. I think people might be passing you by because it's not clear you are interested in a partner -- because of tbe way ypu've worded things. Don't be discouraged. Maybe give it another go with a different emphasis and see what happens... Kind Regards - Shy Tsering Choedon
I am glad to hear you are fecreasong the size of you footprint. Good on you... I respect that!