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Environmental engineer with a masters in renewable powers looking for more info about homesteading, permaculture and ways to escape the hamster wheel
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In a mobile house, in Spain for the foreseeable future
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Recent posts by Benjamin Dinkel

Thanks again fellow permies. I finally placed an order at QuailSeeds for Beef-Bush Black Resilient and with BrownEnvelope Seeds for Beefy Resilient Grex. I'm very excited!
2 months ago
Hi Jeremy,
thanks for the reply and the idea.
Our plans changed a bit, we're far from knowing where we will settle down.
The next couple of months we will be in the area of Granada. There is a lot of reforestation and permaculture and syntropic farming going on in the area, especially around Órgiva.
I don't want to speak for Robert, but I think they are beginning to plant in January.
You can come by our house to have a talk and we can also offer a place to stay for the night.
PM me if that's something you're interested in.
Safe travels!
2 months ago
Hi Bas,
not sure if you're still looking. But we just stayed with a project called Vidalia. They're looking for Catalán speakers and also people with children. It's a project with a lot of potential.
Check it out:

5 months ago
Thanks Christopher and Jamie. I'll be on the lookout on quail seeds then. Fingers crossed!
7 months ago

Jamie Chevalier wrote:

Carol Deppe has done further work to make the Beefy Resilient Beans less viney, more upright, and more compact.  She now has lines that are fully bush for less labor, earlier finish and fewer mold problems from contact with wet soil. At the same time she has bred the colors into separate lines, which have different flavor profiles for different purposes. She calls them Beef-Bush Black, Beef-Bush Gold, etc. I'm not aware of anyone who carries the gold, brown, or white lines, but Quail Seeds has the black. It truly does taste like beef, and the cooking water tastes like beef broth.  

Hi Jamie, I'm very interested to trying the Beefy resilient grex but I'm unable to find them. I'm trying since February. Does anyone know where (or maybe when) to get some? Found the Beef-Bush Black on Quail Seeds though and will order them soon. Thanks in advance. Ben
Hi Lana, Lua and Barhos,

is this plan still ongoing?
I am very interested.

Un saludo
Hello Leo,
happy new year!
My fiancee and I, also in our 30s, have a similar plan.
What's the status on your dream? Any developments?
It would be nice to chat a bit about the north of Spain, permaculture and community.
Un saludo
Hi Robert,
happy new year!
Did anyone give you some advice on the food forest source yet?
I am currently researching sources for trees for a possible future food forest in the north of Spain. Reading about your plan and of taking climate change into account was very exciting.
I wanted to make a list of species that are available and a rough estimate for prices.
I would be grateful for any advice on nurseries in the north of Spain.
Un saludo
1 year ago

Jim Webb wrote: I'd like my RMH be taller than wide to minimise the floor space it takes up, so it will have up-and-down vertical flues although I might incorporate a place where I can sit and lean back in comfort.

Hey Jim,
maybe this short video of Paul with Matt Walker can help with a more container friendly design.

Excited for the finished book as I am also planning to build a RMH some time next year and wasn't sure which books to go from yet.
1 year ago

Shannon Lawrence wrote:This is an old thread, just wondering if anyone has made a go of it?!

And I would be interested in anyone still looking for something like buying adjacent farms, or a big plot of land, for an "ecovillage" with more than one bathroom
We're currently on a scope tour through Europe. Spain would probably be the place to settle down in the end.  
1 year ago