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Recent posts by Jeffrey Hahn

Yes, just read Mr. Wheatons responses.
Ok, thanks. I thought it was available already. I look forward to readin it.
2 years ago
Here’s what I see when I click the link.
So I tried to order the new ebook. I paid through PayPal using my credit card.
I got the email from the gir bot.
In the first part of the email it says :

I am gir bot! A rather limited bot buried deep within the bowels of the software. I come to life once in a while to talk about my favorite things!  

I noticed that you made a purchase in our Digital Market!  So now I am programmed to love you.

Your purchase is ready for you to enjoy here:

You can only see it when you are logged in to

But when I click the link
I don’t see any way for me to view the material.
I’ll try to post a picture as a reply to this.
Just bought the new better world backyard book and it doesn’t seem to show up when I click the link from the gir bot confirmation email.
Is there a better link to click that I’m missing. Or is the book not actually out yet?
Also, do I really need to be online to read it? Is it really not a file that I can download to keep on my tablet?
2 years ago
So is this book actually out? Still in pre-order phase? The email seemed to indicate that it’s available, but I don’t see it when I click the link in my confirmation email.

2 years ago