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Recent posts by J.B. Wells

How about fruit? Smash some bananas, mix with whipping cream and vanilla. Fresh berries would also be good. Honey for sweetening.
Maybe they'd be goopy but I think it would taste good. Freeze-dried fruit would be fun to play with for flavor too.
2 years ago
l was thinking maybe an idea. Fully cooked, fully planned out, but raw, new and unexecuted.
2 years ago
I like all your topic ideas. I think growing textiles in small spaces is the perfect one to start with and it's also the perfect place to start for most of us.
I like the ideas for the soul journal. Maybe it could be a one-week or two-week repeatable sort of thing. Maybe it's something people would do on their lunch break in a parking lot or vacant plot if that's what they have available.

Casey Pfeifer wrote:Do you have the water proof LEMs? I didn’t know about them until recently - my business partner purchased a pair and they work great for keeping dry. Not a typical shin-high muck boot, but you already have leather LEMs so you know their profile


Lems is having a 20% off sale today. I'm gonna give these waterproof boots a try.
2 years ago
I told my carpenter not to carpet my steps.
He gave me a blank stair.
2 years ago
Hey Leaf, how's this project going? Are you still looking for help?
2 years ago
And I used to think this song was by ELO
2 years ago
How do you describe a cow that just had a baby?

2 years ago