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Recent posts by Annie Davies

Hi Anne and Welcome.
This is a subject matter I'm very interested in and use when I can.
My forest garden is in its planning stages at the moment, so I'm looking forward to getting dome hints and tips on what to include and how to use. πŸ™‚
7 months ago
Thanks for the great responses.
Jon Stika, that sounds like a whole new language you are speaking πŸ˜‰, gonna have to get my head around it!
I like the idea of piling it up and letting it break down naturally, then using it as a top dressing, so I think that's what I will do once I've used everything I need for the new bed, which isn't going to be planted until late spring/summer.
1 year ago
Hi. I use wood chips in my chicken house as bedding.
I'm setting up a new growing bed and intend to put a layer on top of the cardboard (no dig due to back problems, but I favour no dig anyway). Then spread compost over that.
But generally speaking, can i spread these clearings on my other beds regularly, or will this affect the soil alkalinity/acidity?
We only have 6 chooks left, so not a huge amount of clearings each time, about a barrow full.
1 year ago
That sounds great. I'll have a go at 'bucket' bread.
Hopefully I'll be one of the lucky winners of your book and get that soda bread recipe! 😊
1 year ago
I live in (at the moment) darkest wet south west Wales UK.
We live in a cabin with warmth from our log burner, but it does get cold, so keeping bread dough warm enough to prove is 'proving' difficult. πŸ˜‰
Any tips or recipes for an easy, quick to make bread?
I love sourdough,  but would also love to try making soda bread, as that could get around our 'chilly' problem.
Thanks in advance. 😊
1 year ago
Thank you so much Jasmine.
We've created many 'desire lines' so far😁 and are growing in a small way.
We've sat and observed, but not taken notes yet - I think that's where the information in your book will be super useful.
On my christmas wish list now, but holding out for mother fortune for now 😊
1 year ago
Hi Jasmine.
Having known you for what seems like years your beautiful Lammas site develop each week I delivered your veggies when you first started out, I have witnessed first hand how beautiful, bountiful and quickly a permaculture garden/smallholding can be in its development, once the homework has been done.
I'd love to follow the principles more closely myself  - some I follow already, but need a deeper understanding to bring my growing towards a higher level of self sustainability, whilst retaining and enhancing the 'feel' of our, until recently, untouched patch.
Hopefully I'll be one of the lucky winners of your book 😊
1 year ago