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Hi Emma,
I am in the US Midwest, I am contemplating a move to Europe (especially if the election goes badly). I happen to work for a French company, so I might be able to manage a transfer to France. That is where I am interested. But might also consider other places, if I can find a way to immigrate amid all of the travel restrictions and various immigration rules of different EU countries.
Are you still thinking of setting up a community? Have you started one?
2 months ago
Hey thanks for the questions!  Here are some answers, though some may be half-baked. Anyone else who has experience on these topics perusing this thread, please feel free to chime in with your wisdom.

Regarding land ownership, this is not written in stone, but here is what I'm thinking:

Individual dwellings are owned or rented, as folks can afford. Rent can be subsidized based on contributions to the community (e.g. growing food, fixing things, etc.).

Common land will be held in a trust. It will be available for everyone to use for growing, or support of growing.  If it is all getting used up (which would be awesome) then the community will make decisions to allocate its best usage.  The folks who invested to make the land purchase possible will have interest in the land as beneficiaries of the trust, this will  be determined based on amounts original founders/investors put toward the purchase. So those folks will still "own" some percentage of the common land, in some ultimate sense, but it will be available mostly freely for use by everyone in order to encourage lots of local food production.  This is based on the assumption that some folks who invested in buying the land are not full time farmers (that includes me).

There might be some argument that someone who is freely using the land should at least contribute some of the harvest to the community's food, while being able to sell the rest of it if they choose. This needs to be worked out in a way that everyone feels is acceptable.

Honestly, I'm seeing this from the point of view of someone who wants to put some money into the land, but I might not want to spend all of my effort farming it, because I have a pretty decent job that takes up my time. I'm still happy for someone else to farm it.  But some of the food production needs to be for the community in that case.  To be clear, I do plan to spend time working on the land, just not full time by any means.

This is what I mean by a transition village - some folks will still want to keep their professional jobs (perhaps like your husband), hence the proximity to a large city.  Other folks may want to spend most of their time farming. And a lot of folks might want to be in a situation where they can transition, without cutting their professional and personal ties by a move to the far off countryside.

Ok, if that sounds half-baked, maybe you'd like to help bake it the rest of the way.

To your thoughts on beliefs, I totally agree! The focus will be on the nuts and bolts practical good of the community, and folks are free to believe whatever they wish, but everyone must be respectful of others' beliefs.

BTW, I am also vegan. My proposal for a community standard would be that anyone wanting to eat meat would need to raise or obtain it locally. Personally, I hope to be part of a vegan food co-op, should this dream come to be a reality.

I would be happy to hear your thoughts.
4 months ago
The reason I picked St. Louis is that's where my job and other connections are. I am planning to make this a transition village, maybe 5 to 10 homes, surrounded by diversity of local food production: permaculture, aquaculture, a greenhouse or two, etc. I have experience in real estate (brokers license) and some resources that can make this happen, but not without your help. Its all about community! I am looking at a few possible multi-acre sites outside of St. Louis, nothing is set in stone at this point.  I hope to find some folks who are interested to start discussing this project, and I am open to hearing your ideas.  
There is a lot more I could say but for now, please reply or message me if interested.
4 months ago
Wow, I wish you were near St. Louis! I am vegan, and want to be part of a community that is growing its own food, using renewable power, and less reliant on the grid. But I confess I am pretty hooked into my life and career here. I think I'm looking for some sort of transitional situation. Would love to be in community where the homes were surrounded by gardens and permaculture (not yards), would love to do some amount of food raising/preserving (not full time, but as part of a team of the community, I would do it evenings/weekends, and subsidize others to do some of the work too). Anyway, wish you luck on your journey! If you ever make your way to St. Louis, send me a message, we can chat.
Hi Kirby,
I am looking to start a community in the St. Louis area in the not too distant future.  Not quite in your location, I realize. But I have to say I really liked the "Mindset" paragraph and plan to plagiarize it when I start making posts. Good luck and let me know if you ever make it up to St. Louis area, would be interested to hear your experiences.
Tim Ely
1 year ago