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Greg I would love if you posted full planting list of our forest garden, I live in a very similar climate (zone 5 Ontario) and would love to "steal" some of your varieties that have worked.

I had no idea spikenard had such intersting berries! Always thought they were just an asparagus replacement.

PS your groundcover is indeed bungleweed, its all over our property as well. nice purple blue columnar flowers.
1 day ago
there are mre channels that eat dry and wet army rations from ww1 and ww2
1 day ago
tons of good ideas in this thread, i know its older but following
3 days ago

Ellendra Nauriel wrote:No reason at all not to try, as long as you're not married to the idea of specific traits from the rootstock. I'd be inclined to go a step further and leave at least one branch from each seedling, to see if any of them are as good as or better than the "mother" tree. If not, you can always prune that branch off.

good point, ones i keep i will, if im lucky i get great fruit
4 days ago
I know I am not the first to want to do this but I am not finding anything referring to what I want to do online.

Instead of getting a root stock plant (to dwarf/make more hardy etc) and instead of taking a cutting and getting it to root itself i was considering growing seeds from a mature mother tree (apple for example) and the strong ones that survive winter well I would use as rootstocks for wood from the mother.

Is there any reason NOT to do this? Does anyone here do it? My reasoning to try it is better genetic compatibility (maybe?), quicker time than growing out root stock cuttings, and stronger than just rooting some bud wood.

Any input welcome
4 days ago
it will be interesting to see what you find regarding yield and flavor, i would also be very interested in if some are more cold hardy as well
theres milk thats pressure treated now, keeps the beneficial chemicals that are degraded with pasteurization, while killing single cell organisms
2 weeks ago
thanks for the input sue, i would not be using it to water crops, but would spread water sparsely around the property on grass and weeds etc. more than anything im wondering how long it takes to break down and if it will affect my well water
2 weeks ago