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Starting a food forest (2020) on newly acquired pasture land. Apples, pears, plums, berries, hazels and asparagus will be our early focus.
North Thomas Lake, Manitoba
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This video does a good job of helping you see the difference between male and female during dormancy.

Happy growing,
3 months ago
This week my wife will be doing a sales pitch to the educational institution that she works for. She's going to try to sell them on permaculture, with the hope of starting a certificate or diploma or PDC  program. I offered to help find some hard hitting stats. Maybe some references to large projects contracted out to permaculturists. I know Geoff Lawton and Neal Spackman do that so I'm going to see what I can dig up on them. Maybe see what I can learn about 5th World from Verge.

The institution is very interested in the employability of their grads, so maybe some stats about employment opportunity?

I'm mentioning this here in case you want to toss me some info that you find particularly impressive. Send me a moosage or share it here.

4 months ago
I will likely be buying a pre-fab 900 sqft passive house for delivery next fall. The site is off grid and COLD, zone 2. We get lots of winter sun here in the Canadian prairies, but a reliable heat source will be key. Wood is available on site and there's plenty of folks in the area selling firewood. I like the reliable simplicity of wood heat, but with an air tight home maybe it isn't so simple? I've seen discussion online about wood stoves not working in a passive house. Does a direct air intake for a small, air tight stove solve that, or are there still challenges to be considered?
I'm assuming our solar generation and battery capacity will be sufficient to keep the HRV going.
I'm a complete noob. I've never lived off grid or with wood heat or in a passive house.
Our builder is very familiar with the energy demands of the house in our climate but we'll be his first off grid client. I don't want to rely on his guidance alone so if you have experience with wood heat in an air tight home, I would really love to hear about it.
5 months ago
The answer to my question might be but I just did an initial search on there and didn't find what I'm looking for.

Is there a network, possibly even a low-tech network, that helps connect travelers with overnight farm stays?

I'm traveling from Manitoba to California in mid-November with my wife and young daughter and would love to rent rooms at permie farms along the way, instead of hotels.

Thanks for your ideas!

8 months ago
My parents spend their winters in Indio. They have a small irrigated yard along a golf course. They have a mature orange tree and a mature grapefruit tree that produce well. The rest of their plants are ornamental and I have intentions to change that. I've sprouted a couple pomegranates that I will bring down and plant on my next visit.

I'd like to try a passion fruit vine, maybe also mango. Are these plants more thirsty than citrus and pomegranate? Do they stand a chance against the heat of the desert summer?

Any suggestions for other delicious fruit that could work (other than citrus)?
8 months ago
I'm honored to be your first subscriber.

Since my office job shifted to working from home I've been watching A LOT of permie YouTube videos. I suppose I'm a bit of an expert now.

It sounds like your presentation style will be more formal, scientific and organized than most YouTubers. While that approach might be the most valuable for a viewer looking for the exact info that you're sharing, I think it will result in slow growth to your subscriber base.

It seems to me that building a following is easier if you can include more personal content. If you have a partner or a family or especially pets and livestock then including them in your videos will be a hit. Titles that hint at personal challenges or successes might get more views than titles named methodically. You can always add organization afterwards by grouping in play lists.

Whether you use any of my advice or not I'm looking forward to seeing what your little slice of Norway looks like.
8 months ago
Hi Larissa,
Thanks for sharing these plans! I'm very interested.
How do the mushrooms accumulate vitamin d from the sun in your solar dehydrator if they are blacked out from the sunlight? Do other foods accumulate vitamin d, or just mushrooms?
8 months ago
I'll highjack this thread because the topic is related.

I picked up some free compost from my city, made from what I believed was yard waste. I could tell from the smell that there is definitely manure in the compost. It must be coming either from the zoo or from the horse racing track. It's all well broken down.

I've never used manure in the garden - I'm a bit scared of the lingering impact of de-wormer. Should I be? Or can worms join the party once the compost is finished?
8 months ago
I'm zone 3 with long winters and have had good success with drying apple and pear seeds in the fall then starting to stratify in the fridge in February.

I'm struggling to come up with a plan for plum, cherry and walnut. The cherries are ripe now. I'll either put them in moist sand in my basement til Feb and then into the fridge. Or I'll put them in moist sand in a container and bury it outside this summer. I'm concerned about mold with both approaches. I like growing in air prune boxes instead of nursery beds, which is the only reason I'm not jumping on Mark's suggestion. I can't plant them in boxes now because they'd freeze too hard in the winter.
11 months ago
I'm interested in stool layering an apple rootstock without cutting the tree down. Will the the roots sucker up as a response to me simply mounding around the trunk? Anyone care to guess or have wisdom to share?
1 year ago