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Starting a food forest (2020) on newly acquired pasture land. Apples, pears, plums, berries, hazels and asparagus will be our early focus.
North Thomas Lake, Manitoba
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I say go for it Alexa.
It'll be a challenge getting trees to grow taller than browse level but if you succeed then it'll be worth it.
5 days ago
Thanks Hans.
The caution I've found other people express about bare root in the fridge is that a fridge is a very dry environment. I assume that if I bag the roots with a damp medium then the trunk/branches of the trees can withstand the dryness of the fridge for a month or two.
1 week ago
Hey Fernando,
I think your plan is sound. Shade should be ok while the young plants get used to their new spot.
One challenge you might face is keeping the young plants safe when you are clearing out the old plants. That can be messy work.
Good luck!
1 week ago
I just planted out the first annual batch of my nursery plants. Everything worked out - but just barely. I'd appreciate some advice on building a bigger margin for error next year.

My nursery is at home in the city (zone 3), my planting site is a few hours away in a colder pocket (zone 2). The challenge I had this year was picking the right time to book vacation from work to go planting - I needed the plants to be dormant and I needed the soil to be thawed. It turned out that about half of the site was unfrozen and only some plant buds we're starting to open. So it worked out, but barely. I was lucky.

Over winter I heeled the bare root plants in a pile of sand in my small urban yard. To protect from the coldest colds, I placed the piles on the South side of the house and South side of the fence. When those piles thawed in the spring, I moved the plants to sand filled buckets on the North side of the house, to keep them dormant as long as possible.

For next year, I'm thinking about doing the same but instead of buckets on the North side of my house in the spring, I would put them in bags in my fridge. Can bare root tree seedlings sleep in a fridge?

1 week ago
This 20 minute video is the one that hooked me.

Note: it's from down under but I'm right next door in Winnipeg
1 week ago
Hey Amadeo!

I think your plan sounds beautiful. Your spacing seems fine. I think the fullness/thickness of your food forest will depend a lot on what you're planting in between the canopy trees. If you go with 5m spacing of canopy trees and in between each of those you plant an understory tree then your forest will be very dense. If instead you choose 6m spacing and interplant with medium sized shrubs then the forest might be much more open.

I'm planning 30 ft between canopy trees on my project, which should leave things very open.

Good luck getting things started this spring - I hear Italy is dealing with new lockdowns now.

Please keep us updated!
1 month ago
Yes, they're being installed now in the US. Installations in Canada will start later this year. I think a slow trickle of owner reviews has started.
1 month ago
Asking price seems reasonable. I think owner has been looking for a private sale for a couple years. I'm not affiliated with the owner/seller just sharing an opportunity.

Check out Clayton UPick Orchard in Elkhorn Manitoba.
Congratulations on your new property Nathan! What's it like? Open lawn or wooded? Sandy soil?

I'm working on my tree nursery skills in Winnipeg, so that I can plant out my rural property. I'd be happy to share some seeds or cuttings for you to propagate or at least talk strategy.

Last year I had good success with
Apple seeds
Seaberry seeds
Grape hardwood cuttings

This year I'm trying
Pear seeds
Hazelnut seeds
Walnut seeds
Haskap hardwood cuttings
Plum hardwood cuttings
Cherry softwood cuttings

I'll try saskatoons by seed next year.
1 month ago

greg mosser wrote: best of both worlds might be seed-grown trees with grafts farther up that lead to individual cultivar branches.

This is the path I've chosen, but I probably won't do more than one cultivar per tree for the sake of keeping track.
2 months ago