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Recent posts by JohnW Moody

Thank you so much @Kate!  I think people will enjoy the other two, and I have two more coming out this year - one on sourdough I wrote with my amazing wife, and one on profitable homestead pigs.

Be well all!
4 years ago
Thanks for having me everyone.  

If you want to get any of my books, you can at  - you can use the code PERMIES to get free shipping for the next two weeks on any order of two books or more.    I think many of you would love my Winning the War on Weeds Book as well as The Elderberry Book and Frugal.  

if you do get a copy of any of my books and enjoy, would you please consider leaving a review on Amazon, Good Reads, and similar places?   It makes a world of difference for us authors!

Finally, I hope you all fall in love with, plant, and propagate elder.  It once was far more common across the continental US than it is today - fence line to fence line corn and soy... then they tore out the fence lines... so that endless crap monocrop from Ohio to Colorado has significantly reduced the prevalence of this amazing and important plant.  

If you are looking for hardwood cuttings (my preferred method to start new cultivars),  Michael Brown is a great resource,

Here are some more historical images of interest and note going back into the 1600s.   I plan to have a few online courses all about the elder(berry) available by late Spring if that would be of interest.

With appreciation,

4 years ago
On a slightly more serious note, much depends on your diet and genetics.  Vitamin A, D, zinc, vitamin K, etc. all play a role.

I highly suggest checking out the work of Dr. Chris Masterjohn.

Mullien can be beneficial, along with dozens of other plants and herbs - rosemary, garlic, etc.  

4 years ago
Blue can be used similarly to canadensis - jams, syrups, spirits, etc. for the berries, skin care stuff from leaves and other parts, flowers also great for teas, etc.

4 years ago
So, generally, yes, goat's can.  You should check out Fred Provenza's awesome book "Nourished" for a full unpack.  

Generally, btw, the American/candensis elderberry has superior flavor to the Euro/nigra family.   So I am surprised if Oz is overran by Canadensis that it is so unpalatable.  
4 years ago
There are tons of good sellers.   My friend Michael Brown is a great option,   he has a lot of really interesting plants beyond elder to boot.

tell him I sent you!

Certified organic is not important IMO, as much as knowing the grower - many non-certified growers are actually more organic than certified ones.
4 years ago
Will they cross, current verdict is yes.   But since most propagation is done by cuttings, etc. it isn't spreading very quickly.  

Per virtues, the one major piece on the subject argues that they are basically bio-identical in terms of medicinal value.   Beyond that, we could have a long debate about other traits/characteristics, market/consumer preferences, flowers, etc.  

:)   So grow whatever ones you want to or want to try!
4 years ago
Hey friend,
Elder spread, full sun for best yields, prefer moist soil.  While they spread, they are easy to control by mowing around and pruning.

If people are looking for elderberry products, we have a small elderberry business,

Hope this helps!
4 years ago
So, is it important to know your variety?  For non-commercial growers, not at all.

Per pruning, it really depends.  Since you don't know the variety, you probably want to selective prune as needed (damaged and diseased branches, or to keep the size/shape to your liking or for ease of harvest).  

No variety has to be cut back - but do realize, nature does prune plants.   It does it haphazardly via animal and natural (storms, falling trees, etc.) action.   So I am a fan of pruning, similar to hunting - we take something nature does and with wisdom, do it better.  

Hope this helps!
4 years ago