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Recent posts by daniel thomas allen

Jeff Lindsey wrote:Great pictures, Daniel.
This is just exactly what I have been building, so I like to see those great results.
Do you know how long the beds were used in that location?


From William who runs this farm:

"We used those beds for 2 years beginning spring 2022, topping with a little fresh compost mix in spring 2023. We will likely rebuild the same style raised beds at the new location. We also plan to do a lawn waste compost pile there too."
5 months ago
The Alliance Historic Model Farm in New Jersey recently deconstructed 6 recycled wood pallet raised garden beds to relocate to a sunnier location.

In breaking down the garden walls you can really see how well the Hügelkultur method worked! Rich compost and soil retained moisture as layers of leaves and branches decomposed below 🍂
5 months ago
Hey there - I'd like to know more. Can we set up a time to talk?
8 months ago
Hi there, we are researching a story for Insider about the health hazards of chemical cleaners. The company we feature ferments pineapple waste into a highly acidic (but safe to eat) cleaner/detergent/hand soap. We had trouble finding mainstream scientific evidence of the harmful chemicals under our sinks. Can someone point me to research in this area?
1 year ago
I am trying to pitch a story about this to Business Insider where I work. Would anyone here be able to help introduce me to people living in typical suburban homes that have installed one? Or even better, someone living in Europe where energy rationing is coming and shit is about to get REAL!
1 year ago
I don't think the current Kickstarter video would interest anyone who doesn't know what a rocket mass heater is.

You might consider a line at the top that's more conversational: "What if you could build the world's most efficient wood-burning heater with TK$ worth of stuff you can buy at any hardware store?"

"It's called a rocket mass heater, and it can keep your home toasty all winter with the kind of scraps you'd use for kindling."
2 years ago
For those who have already set up a homestead, did you buy raw land and build? Or opt for a smaller plot with pre-existing structures? Would you do the same again?

Also, want to be entered for a chance to win free ticket to PTJ!
2 years ago