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Recent posts by daniel thomas allen

Hi there, we are researching a story for Insider about the health hazards of chemical cleaners. The company we feature ferments pineapple waste into a highly acidic (but safe to eat) cleaner/detergent/hand soap. We had trouble finding mainstream scientific evidence of the harmful chemicals under our sinks. Can someone point me to research in this area?
2 weeks ago
I am trying to pitch a story about this to Business Insider where I work. Would anyone here be able to help introduce me to people living in typical suburban homes that have installed one? Or even better, someone living in Europe where energy rationing is coming and shit is about to get REAL!
6 months ago
I don't think the current Kickstarter video would interest anyone who doesn't know what a rocket mass heater is.

You might consider a line at the top that's more conversational: "What if you could build the world's most efficient wood-burning heater with TK$ worth of stuff you can buy at any hardware store?"

"It's called a rocket mass heater, and it can keep your home toasty all winter with the kind of scraps you'd use for kindling."
10 months ago
For those who have already set up a homestead, did you buy raw land and build? Or opt for a smaller plot with pre-existing structures? Would you do the same again?

Also, want to be entered for a chance to win free ticket to PTJ!
11 months ago

We are a family farm and nursery located in the Catskill Mountains of New York. We are committed to being thoughtful land steward’s and supporting our regional biodiversity while providing healthy food and plants to our community.

Right now, we are raising a herd of belted galloway cattle and building nursery stock filled with a wide range of edible and useful plants.

As time goes on, we plan to diversify our farm operation, build more connections to our community through event spaces, and create sustainable living systems on the farm. Throughout the process, we are dedicated to creating regenerative systems.

We welcome anyone who is interested and motivated to come join us in building this farm.


We are looking for a full-time farm crew member to help grow our operations. Initially, responsibilities will include tending to our herd of Belted Galloways, planting and tending to nursery plants, and helping design and implement new operations at the farm. The right candidate has experience with animal husbandry, carpentry, and can operate farm equipment. If you are passionate about sustainability, curious, and willing to experiment with innovative farming techniques – this could be a great fit!


- Rotating, monitoring, and tending to livestock.
- Planting trees, weeding and caring for nursery plants.
- Mowing and clearing underbrush.
- Designing, building, and maintaining farm infrastructure.
- Chainsaw experience a plus.
- Direct sale of nursery plants at farm. This includes helping to establish and maintain e-commerce operations.


- Driver’s license strongly preferred.
- Willing to work in adverse weather conditions when necessary. We try to stay in for the worst weather, but sometimes there’s no way around it.
- Experience or willingness to work with cattle. Able to perform regular physical labor.
- Willing to work hours needed to complete necessary tasks. Hours will vary from season to season.


- Free housing in a one-bedroom apartment on-site.
- We can accommodate couples and young families.
- Insurance, worker’s compensation, and unemployment insurance included.
- This is a full-time position with an annual wage. This role is non-exempt and hours will be tracked.

This position is salaried, 35 to 50k /annual


Please email woodswiser@gmail.com.


April 30, 2022
11 months ago
Hey Bob - I just wanted to get a project on your radar in Livingston Manor, NY. It's an old family farm that's in process of converting to a rotational grazing/regenerative beef operation. http://www.century-manor-farm.com/
I am reaching out to ask for help connecting to a permaculture professional who can help with a design/build for an outdoor livestock shelter on a regenerative ag project in upstate New York.

The final structure will be about 1,000 sq ft.

We are looking for someone who can incorporate natural building techniques and permaculture concepts that take into account the silvopasture system being built from the ground up.

This project is privately financed and would be a good gig for the right person. It will require on-site construction time in Livingston Manor, NY.

Accommodation can be provided. Additional work staff will also be arranged.

Please email me dantallen@gmail.com or text (914) 391-0092. Please be prepared to share work samples and references.
1 year ago
Here's the brine recipe:
3 cups water
6 cups vinegar
6Tbsp salt
3/4 cup sugar

The jar also contained string beans, hot peppers, garlic, mustard seed, and horseradish.
Using the tractor at SKIP 2021 at WL.  

- The pile of material before you begin
 - The destination before you begin
 - action pic
 - a pic of the source pile at completion
 - a pic of the destination at completion
1 year ago