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Hello, I am looking to join and live on a farm or homesteading team. I want to live the rural agricultural life. I also am interested in growing plants and natural building. I am having a hard time saving enough to buy property so I am looking for another way to get to the lifestyle I'm looking for. Is there anyone out there would would like to have a team member like myself? I am a hard worker and physically able. I can also make delicious vegetarian food. I'm not religiously vegetarian, but that's my preference most of the time. I'm very creative and love music, dance, poetry, spirituality, dancing, and being in awe of life. The idea of getting a geo dome is coming to me as well.
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Eugene, OR
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I am very interested in your project near the beautiful mountain. I am female! 44  years old and full of energy for plants, landscaping, art, community, dancing, singing, playing drums, art houses, having sacred conversation, bringing the vision, watching the stars and just enjoying life while I'm here. Did I say art? My whole life is art with many sub-arts. The art of conversation, the art of listening (help!), the art of harmony, the art of inventing new stuff, the art of love in it's more pure and less personal form. I want to plant a circle of trees with a gap for the door and grow them so their trunks all merge together. After 50 years you have a tree house.

I am interested in spreading the love, but not the kind we usually talk about. The whole world is your cousin kind of love is more like it. (hint hint, anyone else that may be reading. message me.)

For some reason, I have found myself in the middle of a lot of males several times in my life. I am not worried about that. I love it when men really surprise me with their depth. And sensitivity. Men can be hidden creatures. I myself have never been in a relationship I felt so confident in that I would get married. Maybe I'm just too realistic that life changes.

I hope to find more women to work with myself. I don't understand women, in general, either. I have some good old female friends who I love, and appreciate. I love sister energy. Sister energy is where it's at! Then again gender isn't really the key here.

Anyway, I would love to know more about your project. It sounds like a whole lotta potential!!! Good intentions too.
May the force be with you!
2 years ago
I am a people person. I have a hard time finding people I want to be with, or that want to be with me. Just like the fox and the grapes..... humans start to say when they think they can't have what they want, "I don't like people anyway!" It's really distressing to be honest that the one thing we can truly do for each other, we just choose not to.

I don't find texting or messaging that satisfying. If I meet you I will want to see you in person. I would normally think this is a human characteristic. But with so many people saying "I don't like people" or "I don't need people" I wonder if I am just needy. I still think I am a normal human.

What is the difference between a support system or not? It's a choice by people to involve themselves with other people. If it's at the base level of what all humans need to be happy, why is it so elusive? Why don't we just go after and receive what we really want.... each other?  

I don't get it. And btw, I'm available if you want to talk.
2 years ago
Hello out there,

It seems that some people with mobility issues and myself are a compatible mix. I want to live, grow plants, build earth buildings but I don't have the resources to buy land. It's so frustrating to have this vision with such a high barrier to entry! I am interested in living in a community, maybe a large one or maybe a very small one. I'm interested in perhaps creating a small community. That seems like a lot of work. But what isn't? When I've tried contacting people from FIC I never get any response.

You might need an able body to live on your property to do the chores that your body doesn't like anymore. I live in Eugene, Oregon and am seeking a live/work/community life placement. This is my dream life: wake up, tend the plants and animals, make delicious vegetarian food, build natural buildings, make art, make creative outdoor spaces, live in a yurt or dome. Have great conversations about spirituality, bugs, plants, stars and human life.

So if any of your know of a farm or homestead near Eugene, OR that could use live in help,....... let me know.
3 years ago
Hi, I am interested in your vision. I have wanted to live on land for a long time and find it hard to get there. Did I miss what area you're in? I'm into landscaping and building in an artistic way. I'm looking for a fellow traveler on the spiritual path. My name is Ginger. I'm new to this forum and find it a little weird to send personal messages publicly. I don't have kids nor want any. I play music too. I like cooking and nature the most but I like almost everything life has to offer.
3 years ago
Hey Garrett, I'm in a similar position. Looking for someone to share my self with. I am so inspired by art houses and buildings that I really want to get into that before I die! I'd like to start with an experimental chicken coop. Also a wood fired hot tub. I love plants and growing food too. Let me know if you're still looking for a strong connection! Ginger
4 years ago
Hi, I saw your post and wanted to reply. I am not a man but I am interested in helping develop landscaping, natural building, farming and other permie things. I love art houses and alternative artistic buildings. If you'd like help and to expand your community a little bit, I'd love to hear from you.
4 years ago