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Recent posts by Kim Alek

Having once done laundry in a bathtub and not enjoying it, I was eager to try out the manual clothes washer at Wheaton Labs. The roller wringer greatly improves the experience, even if it's a bit tricky to get some waist bands through.
2 months ago
This live tree was cut down to be part of the root cellar being built at the 2023 PTJ.

There were two trees growing close together. The one chosen to be felled was the one more crooked and leaning. As this was my first time cutting down a tree larger than 6", it was helpful that it was already leaning towards a clearing.
2 months ago
I peeled two trees for the root cellar being built at the 2023 PTJ. At this time of year (July) the bark comes off quite easily and I challenged myself to take the bark off in one piece. The trickier part was getting them off the ground.
2 months ago
I fired up the shower water heater at the Wheaton Labs 2023 PTJ.

The water has to be running for the temperature gauge to work, so the water was run into a bucket under the shower head.
2 months ago
Hi, I have a second ticket for the Permaculture Technology Jamboree from the 2-for-1 deal. Moosage me if you want to make a trade for it. I am also interested in carpooling to the event from Alberta, Canada, as either a driver or passenger.
3 months ago
I wanted a bed frame tall enough for a lot of storage underneath, and to practice woodworking. Luckily this project should also qualify for a BB. Since I wasn’t sure how good the screws would hold, especially without glue, I notched the wood to be partially self-supporting. I’m glad I did this as some of the boards were twisted and there are large gaps at some joints. Tools used were circular, chop, band and hand saws, power drill, and sandpaper.

Congrats Dez, Magdalene and Caleb! I’ve sent my pledges. There is now 1x left on my pledge.
Canada has (there are a few Northwest US listings on the map too)

Appropriate Technology apprenticeship in Missouri
This exercise taught me to appreciate pants designed for alteration, because this pair was not. Fortunately, the belt loop covers most of my wobbly hand stitching after which I could use the sewing machine. About an inch and a half was removed from the rear waist seam to get the waist height where I wanted.
1 year ago
Time to hem these over-long, frayed pants.
1 year ago