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Kim Alek

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since Jul 12, 2020
Alberta, Canada (Zone 3)
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Recent posts by Kim Alek

I found out on Primitive Ways that maple can be twined, so I thought I'd try it using the unwanted trees growing near fences and buildings in my yard. The plant identifier app I've been using (Picture This) identified them as Box Elder, a member of the maple family. Even though I cut them in December instead of spring, I was able to spin something. Got quite loose as it dried though. This video was my reference for the process.
3 weeks ago
I liked the effect of the multi-colored yarn on darning socks, so I used it again patching this hole-y jacket. The gray backing fabric was from a second hand pillow cover.
1 month ago
I made 3 loaves of from the Mother Earth 5 minute bread recipe. The first one was undercooked and doughy, but 2 and 3 were good.
The same thing happened to me with the photos not uploading when using the BB submission button a couple days ago. I edited the post to add the photos, but I don't know how to re-submit it.

BB submission flagged incomplete
Yeah, hotmail didn't work. I've changed my email to a gmail one. Could you send me the message again please?
2 months ago
The '$100 gapper fee waived' is one of my rewards from the greenhouse kickstarter. Does that mean I can go on the boot camp waiting list without paying more? I might want to go next summer if the border reopens.
2 months ago
For a moderate amount of seeds, I am reusing spice containers. For smaller amounts of seeds, I like making this style of easy origami packets.

(edit - reattached photos that didn't go through the first time)
2 months ago
Here is my cattail basket. At a basket making meet up I learned the trick of using a Styrofoam block as a form, with sewing pins to hold it in place.
3 months ago
I'm glad I watched a video because the way I mended socks before was bulky. The stone pestle from the kitchen made a great darning mushroom! The yarn I had was thicker than the sock, so I unwound it into two thinner strings.
4 months ago