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paul wheaton wrote:

Richard Huff wrote:

paul wheaton wrote:Click on the thumbs up for this post if you are willing to pay $72 to get a dozen books (+$50 for outside the US)

I have one question, when can I order the 12 books. I'm still a working person, but I would love to be able to share these for Christmas. Yes, I have read the book, parts of it several times. This would simplify my Christmas shopping immensely.

You can order them now here.

To get in on the cheaper pre-order thing-a-ma-bob, I guess you have to wait a bit.   If we get $5000 worth of "thumbs up" then I will offer pre-orders at the prices above.  If not, it will probably be at a higher price.

For those in the US concerned with shipping costs, why not send them Media Mail? Much less expensive and has a maximum weight of 70 lbs. See: USPS Media Mail

Nicole Alderman wrote:You can actually attend both events for a discounted price!

There's a Super Early Bird Price until September 20th (man, that's getting close! I should send out a dailyish about it!). And, there's a discount for doing two events.

All the prices are on the Wheaton Labs website (, and right now for the PTJ and SKIP, it's 1,500 (regular price is $2,400). I'm pretty sure you could get this discounted price even if one of you attends one event, and the other the other event.

I haven't been to either course (I have little kids and live far away!), but those two courses go along very well and compliment each other. They are actually made so that--if you want to--you could get your PEP1 certification at the event. Or, you could spend your time at the PTJ (Permaculture Technology Jamboree) gaining the specific skills you really want. Both events are very open--you can chose each day what you want to learn about and be a part of.

Another thing you can do is work through the "Badge Bits" here on permies. I learned a lot of roundwood woodworking skills by just going through the Round wood Badge Bits that I felt comfortable.

If you learn what Badge Bits/Badges you can at home, you'll have an even better feel for what you want to learn at the events. You can see what's covered at the PTJ HERE. Since the PTJ is less structured, you might find that there are things your wife might want to learn while you learn other things at the same events.

For example, there's a "Homesteading Track" at the PTJ that covers:

make a bird house, insect hotel, snake and toad habitat
make a hugelkultur garden
hot water bath canning
harvest and eat wild edibles
harvest and preserve natural medicine: comfrey poultice, dried mullein leaves, and more!
make public art and branding a location
textiles: sewing, darning, crochet, basket weaving, making twine
using rocket stoves, rocket ovens, and rocket water heaters
everyone who wants to can drive the excavator

Perhaps one of you is more interested in food preservation and will spend a lot of days doing that, and some days in a different track (for example, one day in the homesteading track, they might do crochetting, and you don't care to learn that. So you go over to the Wood and Cob track and learn how to work with cob).

While one person is learning those skills, the other might be learning roundwood timber framing and how to make rocket stoves.

The Permaculture Technology Jamboree was especially made with couples in mind, so that both could come and learn what was interesting to each.

The Permaculture Design Course does cover alternative energy and natural building, but not nearly as much as the PTJ. And since you're wanting to make a WOFATI, you might be more interested in the how-to skills in the PTJ or SKIP event. The PDC is great for learning design and is super handy. It might be the person who is more interested in building attends the PTJ, while the one more interested in food production attends the PDC.

The price for PDC+PTJ is $1,600. The stand-alone price for the PDC or PTJ is $920.


Thank you so much for explain this!! Going to register as advise. Can't wait to learn!!

1 week ago

Looking for guidance please.

My wife and I have to decided to buy some land (north central New Mexico) to build a WOFATI home along with hugelkultur growing. With winter coming, we plan on starting spring 2021. We are neophytes and are excited to learn. Which of the Workshops offered would you recommend, as we are no spring chickens and are eager to get started before the time comes when we can't enjoy the work and fruits of our labor? The Permaculture Design Course, Permaculture Technology Jamboree or, the SKIP: Skills to Inherit Property? One of us could attend one Workshop and the other another.

In the interim, we've been reading and watching a lot of videos.

Looking forward to hearing your advice.

Thank you,

Bruce Katlin
2 weeks ago

paul wheaton wrote:

Bruce Katlin wrote:Howdy: I purchased The $50 and Up Underground House Book by Mike Oehler - digital download via PayPal but can't seem to access the download. Anyone?

While you are logged in, search for the phrase "click here to download"

I tried but still no luck....
2 weeks ago
Howdy: I purchased The $50 and Up Underground House Book by Mike Oehler - digital download via PayPal but can't seem to access the download. Anyone?
2 weeks ago