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Recent posts by Bruce Katlin

I would be interested in learning more.
That looks fantastico!

Larry Miranda wrote:Good New Year to all doing this program.
I joined a few months ago just to search community out there online. Common interest threads n such. You can read my posts there are not many.
Over the last weeks reflections I have decided to put out an opportunity to various spots. I like permies so here ya go.
In October I lost my Dad. He was the last of my Family and there is no one bloodline that I will be leaving any property to. When I was at my lawyers doing a will I realized my special spot better go to someone who appreciates it.
For a quick background I purchased 7 acres in the center of Portugal for my Parents to retire. It was a slow project but in a great spot. 4 years ago my Mom Died so my Dad and I continued. Then covid ensued caused the chaos we all felt. He got sick from a medical clinic visit and passed. Sad times.

We never started the final plans of cottages and now I am looking for a next generation that I could provide a unique possibility for their generational wealth. Its kind of a blank canvas with good infrastructure.

We finished a great workshop that is now a cottage fully operational offgrid. I live here now.

There are so many things to discuss with anyone interested. My question is.. Is, anyone interested in moving to Portugal and making a commitment to a long term plan?

My location is 3 kms to Nazare in the Alcobaca region. Silver Coast Portugal.

Not much because we has a lot of wildfires here this year.
1 year ago

The “regular bed” has mostly crap dirt with one a layer of home grown compost and one bag of nutrient based soil. Big difference, right?  

Happy growing!
1 year ago
Two years in to my hugel experience and you can clearly see the difference between it and the regular beds. There are two zucchs plants with 7' vines and they have produced a lot of fruit! Under their broad leaves, kale, spinach and other salad items are growing. I'm convienced!
1 year ago
Excited to see what crops up from this year's (2nd) Hugelkultur bed! Due to the massive wildfires & limited rain fall here in northern New Mexico , I have scaled back to two beds this year. Last year's Hugel bed out performed my regular flatbeds 2:1! What have you planted in your this season?
1 year ago
Happy to report that with all your help that my first Hugel bed out performed my 'regular garden beds two to one!!

Thanks all!
2 years ago
Thank you for posting these great resources. I have also made brushed from pine needles and yuccas. Very easy. I make my own pigments from found rocks.
2 years ago

Mike Haasl wrote:This is a badge bit (BB) that is part of the PEP curriculum.  Completing this BB is part of getting the sand badge in Animal Care.

In this Badge Bit you will make a hotel for beneficial insects.  If you use pallets, do not use the blue ones.  They are covered in toxic ick.

To complete this BB, the minimum requirements are:
  - it must facilitate at least three different critters
  - it must be designed to do a halfway decent job of protecting them from rain
  - natural materials and steel/wood fasteners (no glue, plywood, stain, paint)

To show you've completed this Badge Bit, you must:
  - post a pic under construction
  - post a pic of your finished insect hotel in its final location
  - describe what critters you facilitate and how

Just completed my Pollinator's Palace! Walk, crawl or walk in! All materials used are what was lying around the property. No screws, nail or glue. Looking forward to welcoming my first guests.
3 years ago