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Hey everyone!

As primitive skills gatherings were shut down for a few years and many of them has become less gathering/more entertainment festival (and inaccessible for larger families due to cost), we thought this would be a nice time to create a more informal pack in-pack out gathering, where attendees are the teachers, families can afford to come, and there is more emphasis on just enjoying the weekend with like minded folks. There is dedicated workshop time - for textiles, fermentations, dairy (including dairy animal care and meeting the cow and goats), herbal first aid (taught by an herbalist who is an EMT and previous combat medic), tanning rabbit hides, helping to grain deer hides, spoon carving etc and they are all free for attendees to watch (teachers can charge for materials).  Saturday night is trade blanket time for handmade items.

New Haven KY. You don't have to stay at the land, there is camping at the Rolling Fork WMA and then two bigger cities about 30 minutes away for more modern lodging.


Hope to meet you!

-Raven Medicine Weaver
3 months ago
We are located in the Knobs of KY, not necessarily in the Appalachians but just a few hours away. We are in the process of forming a small family oriented traditional/indigenous living community. Would love to connect.
7 months ago
We are just over an hour or so from Lexington (New Haven area) and would love to meet more folks. We are a family as well - married with 5 children.
7 months ago
I love watching videos of flax to linen and this has been my favorite (I went to YouTube and liked it). I wear primarily linen and wool and have always felt a deep connection to this fiber. Its such an amazing fiber! Not that long ago I found out that an ancestor of mine (1700s) was on the Irish Flax Growers list, which was really neat to learn. Its in the plans to grow on our little homestead. I've spun it on my wheel, both wet and dry, and find that the wet spun is my preferred thread. Thanks for making (and sharing) this video.
1 year ago
This is timely! While we aren't growing flax this year, its in the plans for in the next 2 years to grow a small patch for our linens.
1 year ago
Hi! We aren't too far from you. We are currently at Knox, moving just south of E-town in less than a month.  We are renting 20 acres that we are also sharing (?) with the landowners...but the landowners don't do anything with their land and gave us free range on it (along with anything that is on the property).
1 year ago
Met my spouse when we were both waiting to ship out to basic training in the Army - met in March, started dating in July, married in December. 14 years ago now. 5 children.

Neither of us were permies (had never even heard of that word) but over the years became more and more permie and are now preparing to move off grid next month (with our goats, sheep, chickens, ducks....and children of course...)
While we've never lived in the 10b zone, when we lived in the 8a/b zone (Louisiana), our greens were having a difficult time until we shaded them for the majority of the day. We used sun sails which we had from our skoolie. They still let the rain in so we didn't have to worry about that aspect.