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I came to Permaculture a few years ago by way of a book of essays on Distributism. I fell in love with the way Earth Care was joined to People Care, and observing both being essential to the Permaculture framework.
Currently a housewife and mother, I have had life-long interests in languages, literature, history, people-watching (personality/temperaments), and, of course, ethics/philosophy.
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Recent posts by Rachel Lindsay

Day 24: Cook 2nd new dish.

I'm afraid it wasn't adventurous at all...but I made a new recipe for an Oat-Brown Sugar Shortbread for the first time today. I figure it will go well with the ice cream from the local Scratch'n'Dent we've been collecting, now that summer is upon us here.

I am travelling and will be gone for the next few days, so we will see what's left that I can jam in to these last few days of May!  
2 days ago

Rachel Lindsay wrote:Starts May 1st!

Based on many of the important things in Paul's book, made bite-sized, and very relevant to my current priorities and (urban) situation, I have made a list of 30 things for a 30-Day challenge:
10. forage a food
11. prepare dish one using foraged food
12. prepare second dish using forged food  

Man, I'm starting to worry about these that are left over. Especially since apparently I'm going to have to go to a forge to help me out with one of them...
3 days ago
Day 23: Cook a new, from-scratch dish today.

It was Nutmeg & Cinnamon Muffins (my name for it, the name in the magazine was Cinnamon Coffee Puffs--and no coffee was involved with these).

Cooking is something I have to grit my teeth and endure--so it is good that I put these cooking items on my list. But that is a reason these are still left here at the end of the month!

Yesterday I finally tried the pressurizing function on my electric pressure cooker so that I would feel confident to cook with it, so that will probably happen tomorrow!
3 days ago
Now that you're Gardeners, you might feel like I do: I always feel totally justified in spending my time on Permies since I am working here! Welcome and enjoy!
Day 23: Create a brush pile near the garden for wildlife habitat.

I started this today, but I do not think I will continue. If I leave it in the front yard of my property, it will be an eyesore. If I remove it to the back yard, it will be nowhere near the garden, and will be unattractive unless I hide it behind the shed, where there is already a bunch of weird stuff.

And if I do this at my mother's property, the garden is already in 20 acres of woods, and thankfully wildlife abounds, eating some of our plants and spreading lots of seeds around.

Not one of my better ideas, but I will keep having them, and trying for better ones!
4 days ago
Oh, what could be done with these?


(If they are not eaten, that is, because this particular beautiful variety are a flint corn/popcorn!)
5 days ago
Whoa--look at these lovely seeds from the Turkish "Cekirdegi Oyali" (Crocheted Seed) Watermelon


Earrings maybe?
5 days ago
My daughter and I have just planted Job's Tears (Coix lacryma-jobi) this week, which have traditionally been made into jewelry because they look, feel, and behave very much like beads. I had never heard of these until I read an old book (okay, it's from the 1960s, so not that old). It was too intriguing for me not to try and grow for my bead-loving and crafty daughter.

Now I am curious about what other things from nature can be made into jewelry?
5 days ago
Day 21: Find a local source for item 3.

Everyone's favorite local u-pick strawberry farm closed down a couple years ago, but today I poked around on the internet and found another, and it is in a neighboring county. Miss G loves strawberries and although strawberry season is just about over here, we still have time to go picking, now that I know where we can go!
5 days ago
Day 20: Find a local source for item 2.

This was yesterday. I found someone in my county grows and sells chemical free oats and oat mixes. YES!
5 days ago