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Since there seems to be some confusion about this particular file I thought I'd add something useful to the discussion

An MP3 or MP4 (the aforementioned gold standard) are audio files that need an app to run properly.  There are a number of apps that can do this but I'd recommend VLC media player (the silver standard)

You can get it here VLC
Although you can download it from a variety of places, I think its always best to go to the source of the coding
They have Windows, Mac, Linux and Android

VLC is free and can play both standardized audio and video files without issue. For those of us who don't have this nifty program I highly recommend you use it as its saved my bacon on more than one occasion. Of course I would encourage you to throw them a few euros because the app really is rock and roll.

As to Epub there are some wonderful freeware programs that will work and are just a search away
yes Edge can be used to read epub files but the interface is not very sophisticated
I prefer using an Epub to PDF converter
PDF have some great audio options so you can listen to them as well.

For those who are already familiar with the process and are just at a bottleneck my apologies. I know the frustration of following procedure only to get a pop up error message.

Best of luck with your decision.

I downloaded the file via firefox 88.01, checked with a trial run and am listening to it on VLC right after posting here
I now see that this thread is very old, so perhaps everything worked out but its probably not worth deleting this comment as it might help someone later down the line
3 weeks ago

from one Paul to another

1 month ago
Hello and welcome
I'm a bit new here myself but have a few decades of 'experience' I hope I offer you

The property market appears to be at or near its all time high. While it might feel good to get a loan, find the right patch and start your dream I will humbly suggest you lease some land and make sure you are doing what you really want to do. I'm not trying to question your motivation or passion, only suggest that the day to day can become a grind just like any other job or task can. You will get your feet wet while at the same time learn about the things that interest you without the monthly mortgage cost. If you can turn a profit from farming which can be a challenge even for the best of us, you will have achieved something many of us only dream about.

Plus you also will have a better idea about what kind of perma appeals to you. Get to know people who are motivated in the same way as you are, who will have experience and can help to point out one of many ways to move forward.

Feel free to ignore advice from a stranger but if "we" are in for a market correction and prices drop you might be in for an upgrade in your holding. Either more land for the same price or a "better" location for your plans.

Nobody knows which way the market is going to turn tomorrow, but we do know that all markets correct to the downside. The question is the timing

I am also in the wait camp, but don't have the ample time you have

Best of luck and congratulations for choosing to move out of the City
2 months ago

Jane Mulberry wrote:As another solo foreigner I had no problem upgrading from the $10 to $65. I don't need those other 17 books either, but I am so glad to have the ebooks option and the US Virgin Islands set up the organisers arranged to give us an option without postage fees. Otherwise that $65 level would have cost me $110 and there's no way I could manage that, and I too would have been stuck at the $10 level.

I also don't know 17 people I can give ebook copies to, but I thought that was the point of the "knights who say free" thing. We give them our unwanted extra copies, they give them away. If I understand it correctly, that works for me! I don't have to feel guilty for having 17 unwanted ebooks sitting around that I "should" make an effort to share.

For me, the Kickstarter isn't just buying books. It's supporting the project and the entire Permies thing. I guess it helps that some of the stretch goal goodies are items I already had on my wishlist to buy!

Thank you for clarifying things
2 months ago
Just a thought to consider, especially for FUTURE kickstarter campaigns

Because I live in East Asia the $25, $45 & $65 levels that include physical books are not really of much interest when we include the shipping fee, the carbon burned in sending product across an ocean and that I have little need for extra books. There is a further issue in that the Japanese postal system has basically stopped many international deliveries. So there is a concern that I will not receive the books despite paying for them. I've already had a few issues with deliveries from nearby China on another kickstarters.

I suppose I could buy the 18 ebooks, but its not the most appealing option as I only really need 1. I understand those are the flavors available, but the choice available essentially caps me at 10 bucks which locks me out of the "Knights who say free stuff". Somehow paying $55 for "free stuff" doesn't make much sense. Perhaps that is just my stubborn side and I have no wish to rain on an otherwise excellent parade or cry about approaching floodwaters, I simply want the option to get "knights stuff" without paying for the books I have no need or desire for.

Now that I have defined the issue, I humbly suggest an ebook/pdf level that allows us "solo foreigners" to access better "stuff" without such an additional cost. Obviously it doesn't involve THIS campaign, only food for consideration in future.

The final thing I want to say is that IF someone knows of 17 people that want an ebook that I can gift to that would have some synergy than I am all ears. Please contact me as I'd love to hear how I can help others improve their knowledge. This way I don't sound like a crank :)
2 months ago

Mark Cunningham wrote:

Paul Canosa wrote:I think the challenge to financial independence is from fiat currency

"The Creature from Jekyll Island" by G.E. Griffin makes for interesting reading.

Hope this helps

It does help

My uncle ended up retiring and living on Jeckyll Island. At the time as a 20 something and going to visit my fathers brother, I had to show ID to get onto the island, tell them who I was visiting and their address. Hindsight often being 20-20 I understand why they required it.

GE Griffon talks about the book

We can even go a step farther and take a look at how wages were paid in silver over the history of humankind.
A good example in Charles Dickens’ 1843 novella, A Christmas Story, Scrooge paid Bob Cratchit 15 silver shillings per week. A silver shilling at that time had a silver content of about 5.2 grams — which means Cratchit received 133 troy ounces of silver annually as an accounting clerk.
The Romans and Greeks have numerous mentions of wages paid in silver.
The French paid US continental army forces much of their back pay in silver just prior to the Yorktown campaign. Without French silver, who knows what would have happened.

Cash and modern monetary finance have done wonders for convenience and portability, of that there is no doubt. However there is a cost involved in utilizing that system.

Another very informative book is Jim Rickards "Currency Wars" which I highly recommend.

My final point is a short story about a trip I took back in the late 80s to what was then Yugoslavia, now Croatia. At the time they had 2 different kinds of currency in use, the old notes with 1 zero on it, and the new notes with 3 zeroes on it. Both were accepted at the store but a 20 note and 2000 note had the SAME VALUE
2+ years ago before Covid hit, I took my wife to the city of Dubrovnik which is a lovely place that dates back many centuries. Many films and TV shows were filmed there including Robinhood, Star Wars and Game of Thrones. When we arrived the airport bus would only accept the local currency KUNA. No Euros or Dollars. I found it amusing. I asked the driver if he would accept a silver coin. He said "show me". I didn't have a coin at the time but it shows that he knew the value of real money and at least wanted to see it, rather than outright refusing the usual compensation.
2 months ago

Lew Johnson wrote:

Paul Canosa wrote:
wow what good fortune

I would attribute it to good civil engineering following a disastrous landslide 50 years ago.

Our village has had bad fortune with water. There has been a tremendous amount of money and work spent on flood management.

So it did give way after all eh ?
2 months ago

Lew Johnson wrote:Water flow from the mountain is negligible. It all channels into a waterfall and stream nearby. Likewise barring the nankai earthquake in it's worst incarnation, the retaining walls will hold the landslides.

Yes, windows are also vectors that need checking annually. I've also netted our kitchen ventilation hood fan. I also recently discovered the front door had a small bottom gap that needs to be addressed.

even during the rainy season ?

wow what good fortune
2 months ago

T Blankinship wrote:

Paul Canosa wrote:
So I made the decision to focus on acquiring metal rather than land with the long term goal of returning to North America and starting a farm before I grew too old.

Intriguing idea to focus on metal rather then land, when land prices are high. As with anything in life there is risk involved and one issue I see is the issue of fluctuation. How would a deep fall in the price of precious metals affect other issues around financial independence? Also would a seller want to be paid in precious metal over paper money?

Good question

Fluctuation in price is indeed a risk. However if we apply a dollar cost average process over the time we acquire metals, the fluctuations become less of a hassle. So for example 1 coin at 10, another at 20 and the last at 30 puts avg cost at 20 which is an effective no brainer hedge.

Obviously one should never buy or acquire more metal than they can afford to lose money on. Perhaps a 5 or 10% stake might be prudent. Think of it as a slow drip flowing into your savings then sitting there as insurance in case of trouble. Even 1 ounce of silver a month is better than zero. IMHO.

I think the challenge to financial independence is from fiat currency, not the metals but again that is just one humans opinion. A deep fall in precious metals prices are a buying opportunity, rather than a source of worry. This is (at risk of repeating myself) why one does not "over" invest in metal. So if my dollar cost average of acquisition is at X and the price dips to X-y, then its a chance to lower my cost of acquisition. Prices will return to higher levels, the question is how long it takes to get there.

The flip side of this position is what to do with ones holding when prices rocket ? Sell and take a cash profit is a happy problem to have.

This century alone, silver has fluctuated from as low as $5 to a high around $50. Today its hovering around $25. My cost of acquisition is below 25 so I COULD sell now and take some profit, but I believe prices will go much higher.

I don't want to turn this thread into a why I am bullish silver. Rather to keep it simple and suggest that a small holding in silver is probably in everyone's best interest. We stack wood for fire, bolt or buy seeds to sow and should also consider metal as part of that "weathering" process.

For me the issue is more about the exit strategy than the process of acquisition. Perhaps that is an issue for another day... Thanks for asking TB
2 months ago
Hello and greetings from Shizuoka

With the back of the property right up behind what is essentially a cliff I think you need to put some thought it how you want the water to flow around, past and through your property. Especially with "Tsu Yu" approaching in July.

The trees at the back of the property are exposed to falling rock but I suppose thats its better to have them there to block any flow off the cliffside.


Regarding mosquitoes I was able to reduce their numbers in the house by patching gaps in the roof shingles, mounting nets on every window and door and by encouraging others to keep doors and windows closed. Sadly if there any standing water on the land above your house then these blood predators will be swarming. Is there any way to get to the top of the rise to get a good lay of the land from above ?
2 months ago