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Recent posts by Mahabba Meyer

Jane Mulberry wrote: If someone cancels their first pledge then makes a whole new one, then they lose the earlybird rewards. But doing it the way I showed, Kickstarter treats it as if yoiu pledged the higher level right from the first pledge. Does that make sense.

Yes - thanks very much.  Just making sure because that's some pretty good loot in the earlybird rewards!
5 months ago

Jane Mulberry wrote:Here's how I upped my backer level:

Go to the Kickstarter and log in. Top right corner shows "Manage your pledge". Click there. Next page has a couple of blue buttons, one to change payment method, and the next one down is the one you want. Clicking that takes you to a page with all the different pledge levels. Just clcik the level you want to upgrade to. Note the third screenshot shows where to click. If you just change the $ amount in the box, that means you are giving more money but staying at the same pledge level. The place to click is the tiny barely visible circle in the top left corner of the box for your desired level. MIne shows the tick where I clicked. It's almost invisible till it's clicked!

That's how it looks on my Chromebook running Chrome, could look difgerent on other devices and browsers.

Okay, I'm confused.  If you fix it now, does it think you "cancelled" your original pledge so that you lose all your earlybird stuff?  Thanks to whoever knows.
5 months ago
Dave Halsey, who has a great permaculture site in Prior Lake Minnesota (probably Zone 5) mentioned the Natural Capital Plant Database, which is here:
He has a video on youtube "Ecological Designer Daniel Halsey hosts Geoff Lawton..." where he talks about how he puts a design together, and mentions that in one of the steps.
5 months ago

Nicole Alderman wrote:And here's the next stretch goal!

living woods magazine
click here to learn more!

Living Woods Magazine coveres everything from copicing, pollarding, carving, forestry, wattle fences, conservation, and so much more. Each issue is full of informative articles. You can find out more here!


Could you please check that "You can find out more here" link?  Looks like it links to the image of a button that doesn't do anything.  Thanks!!
5 months ago

paul wheaton wrote:

  - subsidizes the development of the free SKIP program software

Gimmie gimmie!
5 months ago

paul wheaton wrote:That was the best ever day 4!

And ...   it looks like the party has slowed way down ....

Maybe the party will perk back up if you ask people to share now, so that their friends can get bonuses before the cutoff.
5 months ago
I just learned how to cook quinoa and the article (on mentioned that you have to rinse quinoa because "Quinoa is covered in a bitter substance called saponin. In nature, saponin protects the seeds from pests and birds."
The cooking instructions mentions rinsing the quinoa for 3-5 minutes, which seems like an awful lot of water.  
Has anyone tried using leftover quinoa rinse water to deter harmful bugs or birds?

5 months ago
Poll:  How many times have you checked the Kickstarter page?

I think I'm at at least 30.  Maybe I need to get out more...
5 months ago
Thanks, everyone, for the helpful input!
5 months ago
Thanks Thomas.  We are in an apartment for now, so we have solar lights that we took off the stick.  One is sitting in our window to collect energy for now.  The anti-theft ides had not occurred to me!
5 months ago