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Recent posts by Leslie Rodgers

I wear dresses all the time, have for many years, I am just never comfortable in pants. Simple dresses made by me or dresses and jumpers I bought from Katie's Mercantile in New York State. ( Sewn by farm wives as their side gig, not from some hideous overseas sweatshop)
My grandmas both wore house dresses, simple design, woven cotton fabric in smudge hiding prints. Always an apron over them and always pockets in the dresses and aprons both.
My mama was a 50's mama, red lipstick, blue jeans and flannel shirt were her go to outfit for housework. But when summer heat came along she wore cotton dresses too. They were functional, but also adorable.
2 months ago
Milk jug can be tricky for a woman to pee into. Skitter on over to your town's laundromat and get a discarded detergent bottle. You can pull out that inner spout, and have a nice bottle with a handle and a cap that also has a much bigger target area than a milk jug.  
3 months ago
I often do this too, but I let things soak in the bucket overnight, or while I'm at work. Cuts down on the plunging.
1 year ago
The little pentagons in the picture look like they're made of wool  felt. Very likely the cushion is also stuffed with wool.

You can find printable shapes online, there's a site I can't remember the name of where you can choose the size. these look like maybe one inch pentagons-try doing a search for printable pentagon.

The grit in the strawberry on a traditional pin cushion is called emery grit, you can buy it on amazon.
1 year ago
clothespin with a magnet glued to the back will hold recipe to the stove hood
1 year ago