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Rachel Diane

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since Nov 09, 2021
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Atlanta -> Western Mass -> Atlanta -> Western NC -> Piedmont NC

I am 24, taking the slow life approach towards the full-on permaculture lifestyle. Into farmwork, herbalism, social justice, environmental health, reading.

Literary Inspirations:
Daniel Quinn - Ishmael & Story of B
Octavia Butler - Parable of the Sower & Parable of the Talents
Sandor Katz - The Revolution Will Not Be Microwaved & Wild Fermentation
Sally Fallon - Nourishing Traditions
Robin Wall Kimmerer - Braiding Sweetgrass
Leah Penniman - Farming While Black
Richard Powers - Overstory
Dolly Freed - Possum Living
and many others that are currently on the shelf!
Piedmont region of NC
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Recent posts by Rachel Diane

Hello everyone,

I am desperate to break away from AmeriCorps office job and go live the life I want to live - healthy and outdoors. I have done a few months of wwoofing around the south, a full year of a live-in apprenticeship on a no-till organic farm in Western NC, and 4ish months of Trail Work with Conservation Corps North Carolina. Skills include:

-Native Nursery management
-Chainsaw usage (bucking, limbing/felling small trees and branches, chainsaw maintenance)
-Use of Tractor Front-End Loader
-Sustainable Trail Construction including features such as switchbacks, retaining rock walls, check-steps
-No-till farming practices (including soil amendments, compost spreading, tarping, etc)
-General vegetable production (seeding, harvesting, packing CSA orders, etc.)
-Light animal husbandry (caring for chickens, goats, etc.)
-Cooking and Baking (amateur)
-Very amateur/still learning and experimenting with fermentation and herbalism. I make kombucha and herbal teas a lot, and I want to learn more about these skills and areas!

I am tied to the Triangle area and am looking for local folks who would hire me to work on their farm, and/or consider a work trade. I have a lease that ends in July 24th but am willing to relocate before then.

If anyone is in the area and has an opportunity, let's talk!
6 months ago
I've been experimenting with Sprouting Grains, and since this is such a niche food-thing, I have trouble finding advice and troubleshooting. I am a little concerned that some sprouted farro I ate last night gave me some diarrhea/nausea (TMI sorry) and this is the only place I could think to find solid advice. I will break down my process:

-1 month ago: obtained locally grown, fresh Farro from a Grain farm I work markets for
-Took home and sprouted in a big bowl in the pantry. Took about 3 days, soaked once overnight and then rinsed/strained twice a day. Sprouts were a lot longer than internet pictures show (some up to 1/4 of an inch). Smelled for sourness, found nothing suspicious, put in the fridge.
-Some I cooked up and ate within a day, I made some curry, that was a few weeks ago and had no problem
-The rest of the Farro, I dehydrated in 2 batches for about 12 hours at I believe 112 degrees F? Whatever online instructions said was proper
-That was about 2-3 weeks ago. I planned to immediately grind it into flour, but I got covid and put that on hold. So I put the dehydrated sprouted Farro in jars in my fridge, where they have sat for a couple of weeks.

-Now brings us to yesterday. I made a mushroom/broccoli casserole from my Moosewood cookbook. Subbed millet for my sprouted Farro. One jar seemed fine, so I cooked it up and baked it with sauteed veggies. Ate it, was delicious.
-The other jar of Farro in my fridge smelled a little sour, so I didn't use it.
-Ate at about 8:30pm. Woke up at 6am and emptied my bowels. Have gone twice since and its not even 10:30am. Feeling ever-so-slightly nauseous.

Now, I have recently realized I have digestive issues as it is. And I did eat a fast food sandwich w/ fries 2 nights ago (feel free to judge me, I had a stressful day at work and I eat fast food maybe 3 times a year) I have no idea if the sprouted Farro is what caused it, or if it was the out-of-pocket ingestion of fried food. I generally believe in trusting my own senses, and everything I used looked, smelled, and felt fine, and I figure dehydrated sprouted grains in the fridge shouldn't go bad very quickly.

My plan was to eat the meal again at lunch and see what happens. If anyone has experience with sprouting and dehydrating grains, I'd love to hear it, cause literally no one in my life has done this.

7 months ago
I am here in part to Daniel Quinn.

Last year I was working a farm and I was ranting to a coworker of mine about another coworker, who, lets just say thinks that what happened 50 years ago in history has zero effect on what goes on today (he is very young) and I started going on about how we're just a product of our history - how the industrial revolution and colonization and slavery all impacts the inequalities and injustices going on in the world today.

She recommended Ishmael to me. I read it, and now I am reading Story of B. It is such a great, macro perspective on our culture - stuff that I have felt deep down but had never truly been articulated to me. Now I have to figure out what exactly to do with this information. Definitely living a more simple life is part of it!
9 months ago
Hi Renee!

I am happy to see another Atl-ien on permies! I live in the triangle but am here a lot (am currently) visiting family. I always think about moving back home, but the lifestyles I've been adopting seem more and more removed from what is feasible here - anyhow, I'd love to connect!
9 months ago