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Recent posts by adam wrate

Today, I'm going to throw some bottle forms. Simple to exaggerated these bottles serve a purpose for the learning potter. After you're confident with the cylinder form(who am I to tell you when to start, practice whenever) moving to bottle form and remember these key items:
-fewer pulls, 3-5, make for a more durable wall & don't forget to compress the outer wall before collaring
-Remove slip from form and water on top of foot before closing the form
-Collar lip first, then go down(incrementally if need be). Then further down collar whatever diameter you collard at the lip and make your way up with the rhythm of the wheel(tip: try to use all water no slip and slightly faster wheel speed while collaring).
1 year ago
Thank you. It was worth a try. I did see the 'no dvd' message. Maybe I can just donate my time and the individuals in charge can decide whether to keep for use at WL or sell as merch? I still would like to make them on site.
1 year ago
Would you consider having Utilitarian Mugs? Maybe 100 turned mugs(made at WL) for the $200 or $250 level?

Also, I believe Sepp Holzer 3 in 1, should be at the $10 candy level not $1. Just my opinion.
1 year ago

Joylynn Hardesty wrote:So these particular pieces are from purchaesed clay?

Yes, aardvark and laguna clay bodies. Some of the names that come to mind are terra red, speckled buff, and red b-mix. There's possibly up to 7 other different clays in there as well. This came mostly in the form of scraps from the members of a local studio. Being out in the yard for about 16months, it's picked up a bit of organic matter that will be wedged, or fired out.

I'm eyeing a patch of clay in my yard. I may try something when the growing season is over. But I would be doing a a snake style as I don't have a wheel.

The local studio just recently closed so I will forage some in the surrounding area. Let us know how that turns out for you Joylynn. And thank you for those affirming words.
1 year ago
Sunday 6am-2pm MST:

Everything's turned and trimmed in the same day. Mostly discards of midrange bag clay in the bucket.

If anybody wants to see anything special this next weekend, please let me know.

1 year ago
Firstly, thank you for offering this very convenient and wonderful platform for all of us to share knowledge. Learning on is a beautiful way of sending out the awesomeness of Permaculture. Not only by gifting the freebees through dailyish, but seeing the words of encouragement are two ways I see that The Love is being spread!

I would like to share my most current pottery projects on a regular  basis. When the weather starts to cool down, I'll consider filming while turning. You can learn a lot watching someone throw, particularly if you're still getting a grasp on hand placement. And, I gotta admit that 'Ghosting' with someone can really increase the chance of them catching on even faster. For now, I'll stick to photos and small video clips after the project's been turned and/or trimmed.

Here are a several special projects I will consider doing if you like what you see:

-100 Mugs for your next Kickstarter
-100 Bowls for your next Kickstarter
-Special table setting for Paul's dinner guests

Here is last weekends projects, 1-sat & 2-sunday

Sat afternoon:
1 year ago
Jennifer touched on the issue I think is pretty critical and cannot be overlooked, the cool down. Did anybody record, or have any idea how many degrees per hour the temperature dropped after firing during PTJ'22? Sometimes, I'll fire down after reaching temperature for the first 4 or 5 hours if the kiln gets a little drafty. I like the idea of nesting two kilns as mentioned above.

The kilns that are made of Hard Firebrick are satisfying to operate. They insulate really well, and increase the cool down time. Also, the more experience you have with loading, the tighter you can stack them and that helps the insulating factor as well. Not necessarily all the same size pieces but different levels of 3d pieces that fit together like a puzzle does...let the flames do the rest.

Jeff Bosch wrote:I believe there is some pottery that people made at the PTJ still here (but please don't hold me to that).

I was hoping to turn some to spread the word about Permies. If I were to focus, 100 mugs in one week, trimmed and ready to fire. I could even film me using this ol' beauty. Firing would be another topic. I have an older 2827 olympic updraft, and I just received the RMH Riser:Material and design ebook through chipping in for the Earth friendly heat kickstarter. Learning curve may or may not affect the finished product, but using a Rocket Kiln will ultimately change my Wheaton eco scale for the better.

No, we don't have a kickwheel or any other types of pottery wheels at WL.
It was discussed that making a pottery wheel may be on the schedule for next year's PTJ.

I would love to be apart of the building. This one is actually a little tough to sit on after 2 - 8hr days. Traditional Japanese kickwheels, though never used one, look very fulfilling and comfortable to use. On the other hand, making a kickwheel to accommodate someone standing would be pretty useful as well.
Is there a potter living at WL? Does anybody have a kickwheel on site?
I'm a bun warmer on the 'Heat' illustration. One of the cooler ones in fact, but not as cool as Esellie and Nicole.
1 year ago