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Recent posts by gary la

They seem really expensive for what they are.

The cheapest units I found were $3500.

I think you can accomplish this for far less money.
1 year ago
Personally, I wouldn't use lumber for anything that is movable.

At the very least, I would use angle iron and lots of bolts.

But my first choice would be welding.
1 year ago
I don't know about other parts of the country, but in the West the government controls the waterways.

I don't think you could set up a visible pump like this without having someone from the government tear it down and arrest you or fine you.

If electricity is the goal, and since you can't get something for nothing, I don't see why you wouldn't just use the wheel to turn an alternator. It would be far easier to run wires than pipes. Or you could charge batteries at the river side.

1 year ago
Converting plastic into fuel requires more energy than the yield produces.

Ethanol has an affinity to water. Water is very bad for engines. It also doesn't have the power found in gasoline.

I believe if you really want to have big horsepower in a gasoline-starved environment, you must look to steam.

The Stanley Steamer motorcar is a prime example. Very unique boiler design -- very safe. They made 45HP twin-cylinder engines to go along with it.

I think steam power is about the only thing the average person can use to rival gasoline.
1 year ago
Controlled burns are a good idea.

However in Nevada, the government is in charge of these on BLM lands -- they always get out of hand to one degree or another.

Then it seems we only have a single helicopter and volunteers to handle it.

So for us, we dread "burn season".
1 year ago
Just got an email from Mr. Lubbers:

"Thanks for contacting us. And nice to see that people are talking a bit about our products!

The wood log gasifier will first come to market in Europe as 1kW 50Hz. If used as battery charger, 50Hz is ok of course.

25-35kW of heat, a hot of heat!

Price around 13k euro ex works The Netherlands."
1 year ago

James Sullivan wrote:Nathan the second picture down on the website is a small island off of Iceland. The white cabin is a hunt camp that has no power at all and has been pictured on other internet click bait articles. So I believe it's a scam. Good luck! I too wish this would work cheaply.

My experience has shown that Stirling always ends up being too much bother for too little power.
1 year ago