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Recent posts by Jaxon Faught

Did you ever plant Pawpaws?
I'm in zone 6 high plains, New Mexico and have been looking at trying them here.
3 weeks ago
I can hold a big singles BBQ festival weekend out at my place. WooHoo! But no one wants to go to New Mexico.  HA HA HA...!
8 months ago

Anne Miller wrote:What about a pallet fence?


I thought about  I'm trying to fence 80+ acres I have a total 140+ that I'd eventually like completely fenced .

I have since done more research on using tires and have decided against it after reading about leaching of heavy metals and other toxins. We catch much of our water and divert water and want to avoid a contaminated run off.
8 months ago
Sounds like we would have a lot to talk about. I have 140 acres in North Eastern New Mexico and have had many of the same thoughts and ideas. If this is an area in Which you'd like to pursue this I'd like to talk with you further.
8 months ago
It has definitely been an experience meeting people on line either for relationship or hiring help. I explain in detail how my property is 100% off grid and I do not have any form of electricity or running water. People still show up and get upset when they can't hook up a camper or plug in a hair dryer.  Lol. One guy moved out here to help on the property and argued that I'm not off grid that I'm living primitive-ly. Can't completely argue with that. LOL.
I guess what I'm trying to say is cool idea wish I actually knew people other than myself that wants to live this way. It'll be interesting if you find something like this works. Good luck and I look forward to seeing you idea in the near future.
8 months ago
If your still looking, I have a place in Northern New Mexico. Though it is completely off grid which turns most people off. Lol. Typically warm days but cold nights.
Just putting it out there.
8 months ago
I'm not sure how the permies group feels about using tires in projects, I'm personally not a big fan but running out of ideas. I have over 100 acres so losing some ground space isn't a big loss. I live in an area of New Mexico that I can't find a fencing company or help to do the fence. I needed to come up with something easy enough for one person to do. So I thought maybe stacking old tires and stucco cover it would be a cheap and easy option for fencing and working in 8-10' privacy walls in certain areas. I've seen videos of packing tires with dirt for retaining walls or structural walls but would that be needed for a free standing fence?

What are your thoughts on using tires to build a privacy wall around a property I need it to be functional for keeping livestock out as well as livestock in. Thank you for your thoughts and insight.
10 months ago
Have you looked into posting this with
I unfortunately did not qualify for these due to my property being 100% off grid for the first 2 mentioned and the 3rd I wouldn't offer 3 vegan meals a day.