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Just moved back to NW Pennsylvania after being away for over 32 years. Starting a little homestead with my lovely wife. So far we have chickens and a few sheep. Found Permies in our search for info on rocket mass heaters. Hope to build one this winter (2022-23).

Use the watchword "wattmagner" to get my attention.
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Saegertown, PA, USA (zone 5b)
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Recent posts by Matthew Wagner

thomas rubino wrote:Hi Matthew;
A cfb core would not require extra insulation on the sides but on the bottom, I would bed it on 2" of insulated cob just to be safe.
The sides of your core should have a "support" backer such as clay bricks.

Thanks, Thomas, for your answer.  I have a few more questions (and some progress images):

By “backer”, do you mean multiple courses of clay bricks up to the top of the CFB firebox?

If so, would clay slip be sufficient between these clay bricks, or would I need mortar?

Thanks for your (or anyone else’s) help on this.

4 months ago
We are still working on our RMH build.  We were thinking a pebble-style would be the way to go but changed our mind and are going with cob.  We are working off of Erica & Ernie’s “Bonny Convection Bench” 8” plans.  

This plan is good for a suspended floor and has the convection aspect which will help heat more of our home.

The original plans use a firebrick firebox with 2” of perlite & fireclay beneath and around the sides of the firebox.  We are using the Walker SuperHot J Eight Inch ceramic fiberboard firebox.

My question is:  How much perlite/fireclay is needed beneath and on the sides of a ceramic fiberboard firebox, if any?
5 months ago
WOW!!!  This is so awesome!!  We watched the first half of LTLM1 last night and are on board for the nail-biting sequel!  Bring it on!  Yay earlybirds!!!
8 months ago
The site looks great Nicole!  Way to go!  It makes me want to buy a DVD that I previously wasn't interested in.  

The only thing I noticed was that the first box to the right of the text (the video container), was just a white box for a minute or so until the video thumbnail actually loaded.  I have DSL internet (slow).  I'm not sure if there's a way to have an image in there until the video loads.  I was wondering why there was an empty white square there for a while.

Keep up the great work.  Miss ya!

The earlybird bonuses are almost gone!  Don't miss out on these amazing bonuses.  They can be yours for as little as $1.  Can't decide how much to back?  Do $1 now and decide your final amount later!  Yay for procrastination!
1 year ago
A local farmer in my area created this great spreadsheet for tracking the productivity and expenses of his layer flock.  He has a few videos that explain how it works.  

Let me know what you think...
1 year ago

Andrés Bernal wrote:

Can you please upload another copy of this that uses less compression?  I'm seeing pixelation artifacts in the green Kickstarter button.
1 year ago
I LOVE mushrooms!!!  Can I eat that door you made?
1 year ago