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Recent posts by Almond Thompson

Oh leech for sure. They make me throw up but at least I'm not gonna get lyme or alpha gal or any other mystery disease
1 week ago
Looking for SOMETHING that is not a trap (because I don't want to catch the birds). Some kind of smell or deterrent to keep chipmunks/mice from digging up and eating my seedlings! I have already been putting coffee grounds out. Would diluted urine work?
I stopped using the microwave when I was sixteen. (I read a lot of Mother Earth News from the 70's. Yes I was a weird kid  )
Boiling water for tea is the only thing I really have inconvenience with now, cause I only boil enough to drink at one time and then the stove is hot for hours.
But for reheating, you could totally get one of those wax/potpourri warmers from the Salvation Army or goodwill. They always have them there and they are PERFECT for reheating tea or creamer, or melting butter. And they don't take up much room.
I cook and reheat everything in a toaster oven. Again, SalVal...If it's something that I have to cook for awhile like potatoes that I want to eat in the morning before work, I'll cook them on the little tray, leave in there overnight and then turn it on in the morning to reheat.
Reheating solid-y things like pasta or rice: Toaster Ovens don't do super great with this as it bakes it and dries it out. I usually use a hot plate+stir. I cook a lot outside in the summer.
Pasta sauce: reheat on a hotplate, in a stainless steel pot/pan. You just need one,
You definitely get a very good sense of how long it takes things to cook...I never use a timer anymore. How hungry to let yourself get before throwing something in XD
1 month ago
You just have to start, lol! It's not going to come all at once! Obviously you're interested in this kind of stuff so that's the biggest hurdle to jump (besides staying motivated after being drained from your "real" job). Just like, what are you into? Wanna get into herbs? Get a beginner herb book from the library. If you think it's cool, keep getting them, keep learning about it, do different projects with them, get more books, whatever. Have fun with it... if you treat it like a hobby and have fun, you will learn more and get more done. There's so much to learn and ALL of it is fun. Get into books, get into YouTube, get into these forums. Don't go crazy with the research without actually doing real stuff.
Get into the free stuff first: foraging, herbs, cooking from scratch, fermenting, exploring and then when you get more experience and more of a feel for, ok I like this stuff better than this other stuff, get into the projects that cost: building, gardening, livestock, energy, off-gridding...
For example, I've always been into things like herbs and foraging but just recently started Humanure... not something I ever thought I'd be doing, but I just DID it! and figured, if I hate it I can always quit.
Also you're gonna wanna find other weird people, which means not being afraid of what you believe combined with being chill with what other people believe and putting your "weird" out there. On that front, something I find hard to remember is that not everybody is going to check all the boxes...if someone's super into gardening they might not be into building projects, for example.
1 month ago
how to redeem from the dailyish?
1 month ago
I am pretty sure they will be okay, unless it'll be in like the 60's for the whole shipping time. I've never had a scion leaf out except on the tree, although I've read of it happening...
2 months ago
I've tried using electrical tape, it did NOT go well. On some the tape stuck too well and constricted and took the bark off if I tried to check it. On others it peeled away from the joint and let water in causing mold and mildew to grow.
I also have used plastic wrap. Hard NOPE, it also lets water in, just gets all gross, too hard to get a good fit.
Last year I used hot wax, like for waxing armpits XD It made a promising seal at first but got all crumbly later. Maybe for the best?
I have had best results with wide rubber bands. They're easy to check on (I like to snoop and see the cambium growing, yes I get more fails that way, but it's more fun). If you get the OfficeHub brand they last a good long time, right about up to the time the graft has taken and is stabilized. Do not get Advantage brand, they crumbled and fell off within a few days.
Very interested in these old ways, rr and Anthony! I want to try the wax and canvas now! Unfortunately I didn't save any Scions this year > maybe I will buy some from skill cult.
2 months ago
I've been watching a lot of stuff on this lately. Going to try it this year. Not sure if I believe in it but I can't argue with results-whatever they may be!
2 months ago
OR- if you'd prefer more secure options, here's the link to my eBay listing which accepts PayPal.
Red Osier Dogwood Cuttings
2 months ago
Hey guys!
I've got Red Osier Dogwood cuttings for sale. They are 10'' rods of first-year growth. These guys are on the same level of easy growing as willows. Literally you can just stick them in the ground and they'll put out roots and leaves!
These dogwoods are incredible for wildlife. Brush birds really like them for habitat and they also produce berries that birds and animals eat in the summer.
These are an all-year-round garden interest plant. Along with habitat and food, they are a beautiful addition to your garden when everything is dead and grey because in the winter the first-year-growth is bright neon red !
As well as being easy to start they are zero-maintenance. The only thing you have to do is prune the growth back after winter.
Standard size is 10''. However if you would like longer ones I can do that too, but shipping will be higher sorry
Each rod has at least one set of bud nodes, but most come with 2-3 sets.
They come in a sealed plastic bag with a wet paper towel wrapped around the ends to keep them hydrated. When you get them, it would probably be best to keep them refrigerated until you're ready to plant (although upon arrival is a good time to plant haha)
These will be available for sale all year round but now is the best time to buy because they are dormant and have a better chance of survival.
You can order in a set of 10 or a custom amount.
Set of Ten is 10.00 + 5.50 shipping. OR, if you're custom ordering, 1.00 each (I'll let you know shipping)
Purple Moosage me if you're interested, I take check
I can't ship out of the USA
2 months ago