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Recent posts by Almond Thompson

Hang out at Walmart lol
(with supervision of course!!!)
5 hours ago
Oh interesting thought, Matt...I didn't consider repeat customers. I'm used to eBayers not bothering to look what store their products come from (although a few have ordered again which was super nice) I do keep all contact info though incase there is a problem...there have been a few times were I'm glad I had proof!
Joylynn, just made an account, thank you! Looks so cool!
Doug, planning on this in the future but you have to pay for a domain. Not sure if it ends up being more or less than the fees eBay takes, though.
As for Marketplace I have heard bad things about that..apparently it attracts customers that like to cause trouble
I will check out the flea market forum Anne!
Ok you guys, where do y'all sell your plant materials? Cuttings, Herbs, Seeds etc...I am on eBay but just wondering if there is another site I could try. I was going to try Etsy but it seems very saturated.
Our fairgrounds dumps all their manure into a mountain in the parking lot that anyone can shovel into all year round. The stuff is gold-my plants are growing themselves this year!
1 month ago
Just popping on to hark the herald for Spaghetti little dude I grew in September lasted all winter in my basement which is definitely not root cellar quality, just ate it last night and it was still good!!!
1 month ago
Oh leech for sure. They make me throw up but at least I'm not gonna get lyme or alpha gal or any other mystery disease
2 months ago
Looking for SOMETHING that is not a trap (because I don't want to catch the birds). Some kind of smell or deterrent to keep chipmunks/mice from digging up and eating my seedlings! I have already been putting coffee grounds out. Would diluted urine work?
I stopped using the microwave when I was sixteen. (I read a lot of Mother Earth News from the 70's. Yes I was a weird kid  )
Boiling water for tea is the only thing I really have inconvenience with now, cause I only boil enough to drink at one time and then the stove is hot for hours.
But for reheating, you could totally get one of those wax/potpourri warmers from the Salvation Army or goodwill. They always have them there and they are PERFECT for reheating tea or creamer, or melting butter. And they don't take up much room.
I cook and reheat everything in a toaster oven. Again, SalVal...If it's something that I have to cook for awhile like potatoes that I want to eat in the morning before work, I'll cook them on the little tray, leave in there overnight and then turn it on in the morning to reheat.
Reheating solid-y things like pasta or rice: Toaster Ovens don't do super great with this as it bakes it and dries it out. I usually use a hot plate+stir. I cook a lot outside in the summer.
Pasta sauce: reheat on a hotplate, in a stainless steel pot/pan. You just need one,
You definitely get a very good sense of how long it takes things to cook...I never use a timer anymore. How hungry to let yourself get before throwing something in XD
3 months ago