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Recent posts by Sharon Elizabeth

Best teacher out there!  He started as an herbal veterinarian (no placebo effect there!), then added naturopathy (for humans), and then started teaching what he has learned.  AMAZING course!  I get nothing for this recommendation, just happy to help others.
2 months ago
Wow Jenny - I thought SJW took up considerably more room.  From the way you describe it, you might put 4 in a square?!  Is yours the perforatum variety?  I thought they grew upright from the second year on...
Anyone here know about the spacing for St John’s Wort (first year "creepers" for now, second year when upright - different spacing?)?

Also, about how large they get first year vs later years?  Thanks all!
I've been putting my amaranth (garnet red) leaves in my morning smoothie, but once the fluffy flower spikes showed up, I thought I'd put some of that in my smoothie as well.  Any reason I shouldn't do so?  The flower spike is still red and fluffy.  I think I saw something about having to cook the seeds so you can absorb the nutrients, but to my thinking, these aren't seeds yet...  Thoughts?
1 year ago
Thank you Anne Miller for your help.  Sorry to be delayed in telling you so.

Abraham Palma wrote:When plants are of different families, I let them touch, unless they get too crowded. When they are of the same family, I like to leave the space of a similar plant between them. For example, if a lettuce is 15 cm wide, I leave 30 cm from one lettuce to the next one, measuring from the trunks.

This is a great way to do it, especially for a first garden in this climate (previously lived in the south, now the arid mountains).  So the learning curve is more "edible" with your suggestion!  Thanks :-)

T Melville wrote:I think you've gotten good advice re: spacing above. I would only add that some of your plants are multi-purpose, and the spacing could change according to how you want to use them.

Great idea T Melville on spacing different for different uses!  I shall do exactly that.  Appreciate your thoughts!

Jenny Wright wrote:This is yarrow from last summer. It's been growing for about a month now. It dies back a little every winter. That's a little under 1 sf but it will get bigger and bushier this summer.

Wow Jenny - thanks for the great pictures!  Without pictures, all I have at this point is a "concept" - nice to put a "face on it" so to speak!  Appreciate your kind help with the chamomile and the yarrow!

Mike Haasl wrote:I bet it could be contained in something like a large peony ring to keep it more upright...  If you wanted..

What a great idea Mike, and thanks for the "visual aid" to picture what will happen!  I will have hubby make me a support as it starts getting floppy!

Mike Haasl wrote:Hey Sharon, I'm thinking of a much smaller chamomile so I'd go with Jenny's suggestion of a foot per plant.

So bocking 14 flowers wonderfully and the bees love it.  And it doesn't set seed (as I understand).  It will get big.

No idea on the lamb's quarters....

Mike, I wasn't able to edit my original post to remove "non flowering" on the chamomile - what I meant was that it didn't seed (as you stated also).  You agree then with 4 to 9 squares for this plant?  YIKES!  I have very little bed space, I didn't realize it was such a space hog!  So happy to know that the bees love it - and it's right next to my Russian Sage that they are all over!  And I will give the chamomile some more room - thanks for confirming!  Have a great weekend!