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since May 24, 2023
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Recent posts by Megan Sweet

wild rose blossom infused vegetable oil. infused for 4 weeks

*i tried to take the best pic i could of the label (so it could be readable) but it still came out dark...
8 months ago
garlic infused red wine vinegar. infused for 4 weeks

*i included a pic of the back to show the final product without garlic
8 months ago
I used the Artisan Bread recipe from Mother Earth News:
The bread was so good my kids even loved it and ate a whole loaf with dinner!

*I did not use any plastic, teflon, or aluminum! I even mixed the dough in my saucepan because the only mixing bowl I own is made of plastic*
17 oz of fresh blackberries (a little over a pound, as a pound is 16 oz). going to pick more tomorrow
9 months ago
cooked a stir fry with beet greens, spinach, sugar snap peas, borage (all from my garden). also used hamburger, soy sauce, and rice.
sewed a patch on a pair of jeans
9 months ago
repaired a hole in a couch pillow and a comforter.
9 months ago