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Recent posts by Patrick W Kelly

I don't know if this counts since this door doesn't have a knob, but it does lock. The handle on the outside broke a few months ago, so it was in desperate need of repair.
2 days ago

Jim Garlits wrote:Awesome project. Just wondering if you coated it with linseed oil before hanging it. It'll last a whole lot longer if you do.


I used tung oil. In your experience, does linseed oil work better?
5 days ago
Below is a link to the post I created re: our branded garage: 'The Ite Ad Joseph Workshop.'

1 week ago
Hi, all.

Our garage, like many, has many uses: it stores our bikes and tools, it's a drying station for garlic, and it occasionally houses unwanted critters like brown recluses and mice. One special function it serves, though, is that of a woodworking workshop. Over the years, the majority of my work in it has been cutting and assembling raised garden beds for clients. Since I started the badge bit challenges back in June of 2023, I've delved into a few other projects including a Leopold bench, a step-stool, and boxes for my kids' homeschool supplies.

During this time, I've come to appreciate more the precision, technique, and strength that woodworking requires. It has also made me think more about a biblical figure who was known to be a carpenter, Joseph, the foster father of Jesus. There isn't much mentioned about him in scripture, but based on what is written about him, we can imagine that he was a humble soul who cared much for his wife and son and passed along to his son the knowledge of woodworking.

So, in honor of Joseph, I branded our garage 'The Ite Ad Joseph Workshop.' The Latin phrase means 'Go to Joseph,' and it has special meaning to Catholics since Joseph is the Patron of the Universal Church. I hope I can care for my wife and children as Joseph did for Mary and Jesus while passing on my knowledge of woodworking especially to my sons.
1 week ago
I used our homemade mixture of vinegar and water for cleaning, and lots of elbow grease.
1 week ago
Hi, all. I finally reached BB60. I hope to continue learning new skills as I take on more BBs.

My family lives in the Midwest (St. Louis, MO region) on a small city lot (less than .2 acres). We garden in our front yard using raised beds since the back is too small and a tree gives a lot of shade. We also grow native flowers and plants to help attract pollinators. As to paying work, I do part-time accounting, landscaping, and handiwork. My wife has been homeschooling our children (five in total) for several years, and they participate in many activities throughout the school year. We hope to have more land someday to continue on the permaculture/homesteading path, but we may be unable to obtain the land on our own. Over the last few years, I have been of the mindset to live as if we will never move, so I try to make the best of the space we have. If we get property elsewhere, I hope we can be near like-minded families especially those of similar faith backgrounds, and we hope to stay somewhat close to where we are now since we have family in the area. It has been a joy to be part of this online forum, and I hope to continue to learn from other permies during the coming months and years.
I've done landscaping for several years. A pitch fork works well for the stringy mulch. For screened chips, normal shovels usually works well. If you have mulch dropped on a driveway, a snow shovel or large transfer shovel makes the job move faster. Fiskars is a good brand along with True Temper.
3 weeks ago
Are cash back rewards on a checking account considered residual?
3 weeks ago
I put up this clothesline in the laundry room. Three lines 10.5 or so feet long.
3 weeks ago