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since Jul 02, 2023
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I've been spending the last few months learning the land, finding out what grows well, etc., and not sure what I'm doing, but having fun!
I'm a fiber artist, support spindle spinner, tapestry weaver, and knitter.
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southern Illinois
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Recent posts by Jessica Ostrow

Josephine Howland wrote:Zoe, I agree when such flooring can be found it's excellent. A friend of mine used the old flooring from a school gym in both her living room and dining room. Unfortunately, such flooring is hard to come by. If you know someone who works in the demolition field (her brother did at the time) you may be in luck.

How durable is gym flooring if you live with cats and dogs? Found some that I may get if it's enough for my dining room and maybe living room...
2 months ago
Check your this recipe:

I haven't tried it, but I like his recipes.
4 months ago

Blake Cothron wrote:Hello,
This book is ideal for the pawpaw grower on any level:  backyard or market farm.  It's very detailed but not overly technical.  

Has the book been revised, or should I go ahead and get the one listed on Amazon?

4 months ago

Joanne Sliva wrote: I'm starting with a commitment to myself to weave every day, so I'm right there with you. Let's do this!

Joanne, what kind of weaving, what kind of loom? I have rigid heddle and tapestry looms... Also a 4 harness rug loom that I have not put together yet
5 months ago

r ranson wrote:Anyone choosing daily art as their 2024 goal?

Want to team up and cheer each other on?

Maybe not daily, but I plan to do 100 small tapestry weaving pieces, something I have already started in December of 2023. I don't believe in making New Year's resolutions, so I'm continuing something I already started.
5 months ago