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I enjoy gardening, using my resources wisely, composting and learning more about permaculture and how to be in better harmony with Creation.  My husband and I are hoping to move from our apartment, where I only have a patio for potted plants, to a duplex, small house, or townhouse where I can have a yard in which I can grow more plants.  We also want our new space to be big enough to have more gatherings, parties, and guests over in our living space, or in our yard, or both, house concerts etc.

I do Celtic, fantasy, folk, nature and shanty singing at Renaissance faires, fantasy festivals, pirate campouts and artisan markets in western OR and WA. I also have an antique mall booth at Mafe's Mall in Milwaukie OR. Plus I do some mental health peer support specialist work which I'm state-certified for. My husband works at the grocery store, loves his videogames and is good at cooking. He enjoys learning new skills and is what we call a "social introvert", whereas I'm pretty extraverted.
We're Christians, we love playing in the water, we camp, we're politically moderate, our marriage has a nontraditional structure, we don't fit super well into boxes. Even though we are family oriented and close with our family we are childfree by choice.
I set out to become good at gardening and permiculture pursuits, and I've made some progress and want to keep learning. Right now all I have is a patio so all of my gardening is in containers at present. If all goes well that will be changing soon and I'll be able to grow a lot more plants and do more adjacent projects!
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West Linn Oregon, USA zone 8b
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Recent posts by Riona Abhainn

Welcome to permies, glad to see someone into wine and grapes, you'll be a good addition to the group here, plus good gardening experience and knowledge of native plants are always welcome!  Feel encouraged to put your Michigan location on your profile, with your grow zone if you like, that way people know if you live near to them and can also be better at answering your questions with targetted knowledge, and visa versa for others seeing your expertise for your area.
6 days ago
Thank you John for making a difference in this person's life, but not just for him, it sounds like this helped the county relax their rules, which no doubt has made a difference for a lot of people.  I'm thankful that in my state, OR,, at least in the tri-county area here of Portland metro, there are things in place to make exceptions to certain charges from one's past if they've done well since then.
6 days ago
Well we need to make a decision, so it looks like we're applying for 2 complexes, neither of which will have a yard for me.  But both of which will have a bigger unit for us, with a bigger balcony/patio space than what we currently have, plus more storage than we currently have, and a hot tub and gym in the complex, the gym is important so we don't have to keep paying for that, we just joined recently to work on our fitness goals but its spendy and I'd rather spend that money on rent and have a gym as part of it.

Am I disappointed?  Yes.  But I guess its just the sacrifice I need to make, and at least their patio/balcony spaces are bigger than our current one, but the view outside will be inferior to what we have now.  But the bus service will be all-day-every-day which I need.

So it looks like I'll continue having to container garden for the foreseeable future, maybe I need to invest in those fancy grow boxes with a water reservoir in the bottom so I don't have to water as often, that might make things more functional, especially when we're out of town.  Another good thing is we'll be much closer to my husband's work, meaning he'll use less gas.
6 days ago
How fun!  So I've always called mushrooms that I eat shrooms just for fun, but when my much-younger brother that I was helping rear told his 1st grade teacher that his sister loves eating shrooms we had to have a little talk about using slang words at school.  I said "its best to call them their whole name mushrooms at school" and he was like "why?" in kind of a whingy little kid voice.  And I was like "because some people might not understand what you're talking about".


He's a grown up now, aged 22, still calls them shrooms with me, and oddly enough still doesn't like the taste of them haha.
6 days ago
I saw your listing, it looked like you were hoping for Eugene, but are now shifting south.  I wish you all well in creating and building and stewarding together!
6 days ago
Disappointing news, but thanks all, better to find out the answer is no than to wonder.  We definitely want the caffeine.  For me it gets me moving, for my husband with his ADHD it calms him down and is relaxing for him.
6 days ago
I think the grandparent I'm most proud of is my paternal grandfather, as a little kid he was already running a trapline and bagging ducks from the lake with his '22, which my father now has, that thing fed a family of 7 wielded by a ten year old who just wanted to keep things going.  In addition to providing he also had to protect his little sister from their older brother.  The latter story we didn't find out until after my grandfather passed, but he himself told us his Depression-era provision escapades.  He loved the woods, fishing was his lifelong passion, even after he never had to catch his own food again.  He had dyslexia so struggled in school in a time period that didn't understand.  But even so he got multiple post-graduate degrees, became successful, taught us to love God and trust Him, and kept on fishing until the very end, he actually died when he got home from fishing, which is pretty close to what he would have chosen had he been given a choice.

My paternal grandmother, she is the grandparent I was closest to.  Her family faired a lot better in the Depression as they owned land and had livestock.  They didn't have extra, but they had something.  My grandmother and I were always kind of joined at the hip, we had similar interests in  some ways and we had similar weaknesses.  I chose to use that similarity to learn what _not to do.  She taught me as much about what not to do as she taught me what to do haha.  I would go to her house for days and we had fun watching movies, reading books together, we'd go over the coast range to the beach for the day, my cousins would come play with me at her house, she had a huge yard.  And then as an adult I walked the dementia path with her, I didn't stop visiting like some of the other relatives, I kept coming until the end and we would sing together, especially Christmas songs, all year long.
1 week ago
Some biker gangs might verge on the cult label, and yes, some of them do good things sometimes.  I suppose that all humans do some good things sometimes and some bad things sometimes, because we're all human and thus we are complicated, we're not just one thing or other.  So could there be a good cult?  Well that depends on how we define cult, which is generally defined as being in a group with extreme beliefs which isolates people from their families and friends from "outside" and which often has either an individual leader or a small group of leaders.

There's also "gray area" and several familiar groups sit in that spot.

Side note, my MIL was best friends with a Hell's Angel when she was young, he was like an uncle to her, taught her cars, and he saved her life.  She lost touch with him when he moved away, but she will always have love and gratitude for him.
1 week ago
That sounds lovely, I wish we could find such a tree.
1 week ago
Haha, it sounds like you're writing about university/college and how strange it can be.
1 week ago