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SWM  Father of two wonderful daughters. Owner and caretaker of 30 odd acres of South Central Virginia wilderness. Lover of FREEDOM and what was the American way before the libtards took over.  Mechanic and builder by trade. Built a drag car and raced for 20 years.
Politically inCORRECT under todays standards. I should have lived a hundred years ago. Don't agree with either side of the dirty coin of politics. Personally I think we need to sweep the whole lot out and start fresh with the constitution as it was written!
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Look up pour on concrete floor leveler and think temporary frame.
1 week ago
Ended up putting 25 to 30 yards of compost on a 1 acre field.

Red clay clods are giving me a fit. Plowed deep then disced several times. Loaded on a thin layer of compost and disced that in and still have clods 2 to 10 inches. Any ideas? I'm considering trying the old homemade pulverizer box. It is dry...
1 week ago

Christine Cox wrote:Hi Larry,

I just found this site and am also looking for a homestead partner-in-crime.  I'm 53 with no children - two pups.

If you are still looking, please feel free to reach out and I can share more about myself.


Thanks for the inquiry but someone found me and it seems to be working out about as well as possible. Goodluck to you!
I use a few of these they work very well.

You can also look in to generation using TEG's. These type of fans are powered with a TEG.

16 years off grid in VA myself but I have a pretty good solar power system now.
2 weeks ago
Anna and I went and got a load of composted wood chips in the deuce. Then we got half of it shoveled into the spreader and spread those 5 loads. So the spreader is apparently smaller than I thought, or the deuce holds more than I thought! Either way the garden or crop space is getting some good organic matter that's much needed. My sweat is still salty so my salt regimen must be working. lol No cramps yet but boy my back is screaming, have mercy on me! haha

Wonder if I could put sides / top rails on the spreader so it'll hold more?
2 weeks ago
Been busy around here. Still haven't gotten any new fence up though. I did plow up about an acre to plant yesterday.  Today I Disked the ground I had plowed. Then my dumb arse changed the left rear inner dual tire on the deuce. My back is kicked, that was 100% arm strong power. Couldn't find the sockets I bought a few years ago. They're somewhere! The tire that came off has a hole I can get 4 fingers in, lord only knows what I hit!

Start hauling compost soon, wanted to do it today but I got NOTHING left in the tank! Bought a little manure spreader over the winter that I'm going to spread it with. But it only holds about 1.5-2 yards and I can carry about 6 to 8 yards in a load on the deuce. So I'll go load it in the deuce with the tractor then shovel it in the spreader I guess.

Can anyone tell me how many yards of compost to spread on an acre. The compost is free so. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . This is real poor clay with 1 to 1.5% organic matter.  

Since I last posted I also put new tires on the rear of the tractor. The originals gave up the ghost after 18 years. Let me tell ya changing large tires is not an old mans game but I got it done all by hand! The new ones will hopefully outlast me! lol
2 weeks ago
ONLY House plants then none at all. Many kinds of useful plants, EVERY ROOM! Some "house plants" can be useful for more than O2.
1 month ago

A. Smith wrote:ISO a SKIP or other aligned opportunity to house and nurture my family while benefiting a community or land owner/guardian.
Family of 4 adults with 5 🐶 ( 3 chihuahuas, one mini-terrier mix, one mid-sized rescue/hound. They're our family!)
Family (hoomans) is comprised of myself- a single mother with Appalachian roots and tireless passion for anti-establishment lifestyle. Three young adults on the neurodivergent spectrum.
We're currently in SE/Central KY, but we're currently throwing darts at a map. So don't hesitate to reach out if you've got a project that might be up our alley. We prefer to stay in the Appalachias with strong developing interest in PA, but open to most opportunities. Happy to expound more on our values, ethics, and capacity to contribute, upon request. Excited and grateful for the chance to integrate into this community!

Ms. Smith I am going to send a PM or DM with my email. I've got 30 acres in South central Va and I like to talk. I've been looking for help on a share basis or simply free rent of a camper or campers in exchange for a couple days a week help around my homestead.  I am and have been off grid here for 16 years. Both my daughters grew up here and have now left home chasing their dreams.
1 month ago

Carmen Cullen wrote:Yesterday was one of the worst days I've had, and my spouse agreed.

Made a realization during therapy that I haven't been getting the help I expected on the homestead from my spouse, and my therapist and I had workshopped a plan to get more things done without burnout. I didn't follow the plan and just ended up berating my spouse for hours over the things they told me they'd do and failed to do.

Came home from meeting a potential animal processor (which went well, he has the same values as us on processing so we think we're going to go with him) to find that our cat, who up until this point had been disinterested, ate 6 of the 8 birds we had successfully hatched. I had tried to hang a door and failed, my spouse agreed to fix the door, but didn't. My spouse got their friend to say he'd do it, he never came over. The cat got into the room because there was no door. This is the second time this season this has happened, and I'm heartbroken.

It has been months of requesting, reminding, begging, alluding to, asking directly, asking nicely, asking meanly, making jokes about, ignoring, etc about the things that are truly my spouse's responsibility to handle. The plan with my therapist was to just start doing them so it would end. After completely losing my marbles over the birds and the unhung door, I started on the plan. I decided to wash the incubators (filled with quail blood, shit, and water), a mac and cheese pan from mid-March that had been on the kitchen floor since then, and to clean the cooler covered in rabbit blood (we butchered on 4/9). My spouse came in and said "Are you doing this so you resent me?" "No, I'm doing it so I won't."

I feel as though my life is unmanageable without help, but in reality it's unmanageable because I have these people saying that they will help, and they never follow through. I have a giant list of things to do now because it's my stuff and my spouse's stuff now. A part of me views this as great, because all the shit is going to get done. Most of me feels incredibly lonely without support.

Once we inebriated ourselves and sat on the back porch to workshop our shared plan, the routine is going to be "Do what you want done" for both of us, instead of each of us asking the other to do anything. We don't plan on it being the resolution long term, but we have to figure out what we value and want to do. I think this is going to be the year where a bunch of things fail because it's not aligned with what either of us want to do. That's probably good.

Today, I'm just watching tv and using up the rest of my hotspot data to just waste the day. I'm so sad and I feel so lonely. I'm just so tired.

Wow have I been there and done that. First I'm guessing you're both fairly young. Second and more importantly there's not much if anything ANY person male or female CAN NOT accomplish if they make up their mind(s) to.  If you're on different pages on where you're at and or where your going it's going to be hard to get there.  We are on the outside looking in so to speak and don't really know the circumstances so take all of our advice with a grain of salt! lol
The real problem may be that you've both taken on to much to quickly then again maybe not enough. We all feel better about ourselves when we can see we've accomplished positive things.  

Try and build each other up and never NEVER give up!
1 month ago
Our wonderful sun degrades everything over time. So you just need something that will last without breaking the budget. Have you tried vinal like the pools are made from?
1 month ago