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Recent posts by duane hennon

pawpaw season is in full swing

what's the status of the book?
2 days ago

or at least someone who knows a little more than the average bear

how can you make a few (or many) extra bucks
set you own price


if people have questions on: rocket stoves, slugs in the strawberries, rainwater systems, starting city gardens, buying land, etc
who can they call?......
ghostbusters!?, no


note: this is just starting up
so some limitations and glitches may apply for now
2 weeks ago
some may not be happy about this...

My response to Curtis Stones' "What Permaculture Got Wrong... Dispelling Five Common Myths"
1 month ago

a forum for ideas
do permies have ideas about  building communities, affordable housing and creating businesses?
well, here's your chance to shine in the outside world


How can you build efficient Urban communities, homes, and businesses?

here how they do it in "da burgh"


Pittsburgh urban farming takes 'big step forward' with new ordinance


Grow Pittsburgh

maybe you could contact them for advise
1 month ago

I was wondering if any people here
who are in drought areas
and would be willing share the results of  permaculture methods
they have actually implemented

I think a compilation of these  would make a good teaching tool (selling point)
for the uninitiated 

what would be nice are:
"even thought most in the area are losing the livestock and crops,
we are able to hang on"


our attempts at permaculture methods failed due to......

Some videos and articles on the drought problem for perspective



1 month ago


Native Americans managed the prairie for better bison hunts
Hunter-gatherer societies may have a bigger ecological impact than we thought.

In the uplands of north-central Montana, on what is today the Blackfeet Reservation, pre-Columbian hunters built mile-long stretches of rock cairns called drivelines, which hunters used to help them funnel buffalo herds from fertile grazing patches called gathering basins, toward the edge of a steep bluff overlooking a tributary of the Two Medicine River. At two different driveline sites, archaeologists have radiocarbon dated bison bones to between 900 and 1650 CE, with the majority of kills happening in the final 250 years of that period. (The sites are on a tributary flowing into the Two Medicine River from the north and another on a different tributary flowing in from the south.)

Each tributary would have had one of the drivelines and gathering basins in its drainage area, so those layers of sediment record what was happening in the gathering basin and along the driveline. At each site, the team, which included members of the Blackfeet Tribe, found between five and eight layers of charcoal residue, a sure sign of nearby prairie fires. These were radiocarbon dated to between 1100 and 1650 CE—the heyday of the bison jumps.

Could we say the human impact on the environment
may be more related to technology than spirituality.
Did the advent of the horse help to change the
way the native Americans interacted with the bison?
this increase in activity could be due to increase mobility.
hunters on foot + fire
hunters on horseback + fire
1 month ago

Geoff's Friday 5

Silicon Valley and “chickens 2.0”: Speaking of chickens, I couldn’t stop laughing when I saw comedian Ronny Chieng’s take on chicken coops (and bees!) in the world’s technology epicenter. 

1 month ago

sometimes you have to do what you have to do

1 month ago

Russia wants to eliminate GMOs
US Govt seemingly wants to eliminate non-GMOs

the swamp that is the US Regulatory Agencies needs draining


GMO grass is creeping across Oregon
Missteps by agribusiness giants allowed the invasion. Now they’re off the hook for cleanup.
2 months ago