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besides the brutality of this,
the mind boggles at the logistics


Unsung heroes, animals played vital and varied roles in WWI

PARIS (AP) -- They were messengers, spies and sentinels. They led cavalry charges, carried supplies to the front, comforted wounded soldiers and died by the millions during World War I.

Horses, mules, dogs, pigeons and even a baboon all were a vital — and for decades overlooked — part of the Allied war machine.

An estimated 10 million horses and mules, 100,000 dogs and 200,000 pigeons were enrolled in the war effort, according to Eric Baratay, a French historian specializing in the response of animals to the chaos, fear and smells of death in the mission that man thrust upon them.

World War I marked the start of industrial warfare, with tanks, trucks, aircraft and machine guns in action. But the growing sophistication of the instruments of death couldn't match the dog tasked with finding the wounded, the horses and mules hauling munitions and food or the pigeons serving as telecommunications operators or even eyes, carrying "pigeongrams" or tiny cameras to record German positions.

Horses are ancient warriors, but most of those conscripted during World War I weren't war-ready. They died by the millions, from disease, exhaustion and enemy fire, forcing the French and British armies to turn to America to renew their supply. A veritable industry developed with more than half a million horses and mules shipped by boat to Europe by fall 1917, according to the American Battle Monuments Commission.

So important was the commerce that the Santa Fe Railroad named a station Drage, after British Lt. Col. F.B. Drage, the commander of the British Remount Commission in Lathrop, Missouri, a major stockyard for the future beasts of war.

"So the war business in horses and mules is good," read an article in the December 1915 issue of The Santa Fe Magazine, for employees of the railway system. Good for the farmer, contractor, supplier and railroads, it said, but "not good for the animals."

hi all,

Crt has given a very good primer on pawpaws

just a few comments
pawpaws do not seem to like swamps ( the ground doesn't drain)
but will live happily along rivers and streams that periodically flood, but not so severely that it washes away everything
pawpaws are sensitive to UV light when young , but will thrive on as much light as they can get
this can be accomplished by using some greenhouse plastic (gasp!, yes i said that word) which blocks UV light
shade cloth and trees block both UV light and sunlight
so the plastic should give better growth

as an understory tree, pawpaws are adapted to growing in soil of decaying leaves and wood
so mulching the area with leaves, wood chips, rotted stumps, branches, etc is good
and this will also help modify the pH of the soil. a dusting of lime wouldn't hurt

as Crt mentioned, wind can be a problem, especially when the tree is in fruit
a branch with several 1/4 - 1/2 lb fruit hanging at the end can easily snap the branch if the wind catches it the wrong way

this past September,just as my fruit was beginning to ripen, the remnants of hurricane Gordon came thru here  with 40+ mph winds
about 1/3 of my crop was dumped on the ground

a word to anyone with more than a few trees
have a plan ahead of time for dealing with:
fruit that ripens all at the same time,
fruit that is easily bruised,
with very little shelf life

Gabe, pm me and we can arrange for some seeds
2 weeks ago


Brothers face $450,000 in penalties for removing trees from their property

CANTON TWP., MI -- Brothers Gary and Matt Percy could face nearly half a million dollars in penalties for removing more than 1,400 trees from their property without permission from Canton Township.

The two own a 16-acre property off of Yost Road, east of Belleville Road in Canton Township with the intention of creating a Christmas tree farm on the plot, according to their attorney, Michael J. Pattwell.

The land was filled with "invasive plants like phragmites, buckthorn and autumn olive," he said.

But the township requires land owners to gain permission and promise new tree plantings before cutting down existing forestry, especially for landmark or historic trees. 

Canton Township defines 'trees' as 'any woody plant with at least one well-defined stem and having a minimum diameter at breast height of three inches.' The Percy parcel was used historically by a local farmer for dairy pasture, so much of the vegetation on the parcel was invasive buckthorn, scrub brush and dead ash trees."

The Percy brothers believed they were exercising a state and local exemption for farming when they cleared the land, but city officials arrived on-site and signaled immediately their intention to levy big fines in excess of $700,000," Pattwell said. "But that's not what this case is about. We are talking here about a parcel of former pasture land surrounded entirely by industrial activity.

"This case is about misguided overreach. It is unavoidably about whether people who own property are allowed to use it ... We contend the Percy brothers exercised a farming exemption in the local tree removal law to clear the historic pasture behind their business and develop a Christmas tree farm."

3 weeks ago

don't get too wound up over the signs
just my humor showing through
(it's amazing how popular that "great" sign is)

Andy Moore's book called pawpaws "America's forgotten fruit"

I have been promoting pawpaws for 17 years at local festivals, farm shows, Earth days, etc
my goal is to bring pawpaws out of obscurity and bring them back to their former prominence and "greatness"

those pictures seem disjointed as they weren't suppose to show as i was trying to figure out how to post
(i never pressed submit)
i hope tomorrow to redo with a series of pictures which tell the tale
1 month ago
McConnell's Mill Festival
1 month ago
McConnell's Mill Festival
1 month ago

and thus interfered with the evolution of all those cute cuddly desert creatures


Humans delayed the onset of the Sahara desert by 500 years
1 month ago


i see they just had a pawpw festival

but he kinda disappears from here after the "kickstarter"


no follow-up on book status
1 month ago

pawpaw season is in full swing

what's the status of the book?
2 months ago

or at least someone who knows a little more than the average bear

how can you make a few (or many) extra bucks
set you own price


if people have questions on: rocket stoves, slugs in the strawberries, rainwater systems, starting city gardens, buying land, etc
who can they call?......
ghostbusters!?, no


note: this is just starting up
so some limitations and glitches may apply for now
2 months ago