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Recent posts by Alley Bate

elle sagenev wrote:I work in town and would be willing to grab it on lunches without any extra driving around, since they're all downtown. The interesting thing is that not a one of them would give it to me.

I've found a few times that businesses don't want the hassle of dealing with just a person, they want to deal with another business even if it costs them more in the end.

So many places in the waste stream one could pull real value out if one can deal with bureaucracy to get the process rolling.
2 months ago

Satamax Antone wrote:Graham.  Don't yiu think it's about time to build something  mortared and a bit more on the normal troden path?

If you aren't using mortar and your plaything is almost working, it will haul ass with mortar.
Have you ever seen how much of a negative effect a vacuum leak has on a gasoline engine?

The clay slip & sand come off neatly with a short bristled wire brush if you need to rearrange.
2 months ago
I've held a suspicious eye towards oyster shells as a source of calcium and magnesium for our chickens, mostly because of shellfish farming practices. We've still given them free choice because they seemed to be a better alternative to the mining of limestone or the labour and of baked & crushed egg shells.

Just read a story of a Toronto artist who has debilitating heavy metal poisoning from working with mussel shells for years without a respirator.

What are your thoughts on limestone vs. eggshells?
2 months ago

Chris Kott wrote:Yeah, these posts press all my russian trollbot buttons. Look at the targets, and how randomly they're presented.

Travis Johnson wrote:Hey....if this is a social-media-spew-garbage-robot, does the "Be Nice" still apply?

Does dehumanizing comply with site standards?
What you think of as saltwater or brine is probably not what the oil companies are referring to. Normal salt is sodium chloride, whereas they are likely using CaCl calcium chloride or KCl potassium chloride, so you may want to ask about that specifically.
2 months ago
We use waterers with horizontal water nipples and since they are mounted near the bottom of the container they buy you some time. You can then also insulate the container to buy you some additional time and bring the container in when you put them bed at night.

Edited to add that don't bother with the nipples that have to bottom mounted, we found they freeze much faster.
3 months ago
The flame never climbed out of the riser unless it was overfuelled ie. adding fuel too soon to a bed of coals.

Making movie past midnight at the behest of some stranger on the internet - Check! :)

I'm rushing out the door, so hopefully I didn't do or say anything too embarrassing.
Only have windows movie maker right now so sorry I couldn't crop/zoom in on the riser flame.

Fortunately only 300ml of beer was spilled, refill was close at hand.

3 months ago
I've now done 3 burns on a 2.5 inch batch box built pretty close to standard dimensions but with a 24" tall riser. I doubt a Testo would be very happy with it but it for the most part it works. I have little doubt it runs better than a J tube of the same system size or a bit bigger. As Satamax indicated the actual utility of such a small core is suspect but it was fun to play with. One would need to develop a pretty strict fuel stacking and lighting procedure to not have it be a source of frustration.

The peak temperature at top of riser was about around 550*C without over fueling it.
3 months ago
Premium access to "a lovely piece of PIE" as the subject line.

Now that I've seen with pie, I gotta say it's majestic, the secret handshake is surprisingly easy.

If you don't have pie, I hope you get some.