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I have met those that take and don't reciprocate.  I havemet those that take and reciprocate.  I have met those who will not take or give,  and I have met those who give while denying reciprocity. I am one of those people who does just fine alone on a mountain top, but the world doesn't need that.  It needs those who can figure out how to create culture and community.  That said, unlike you, I'm not naturally trusting. Blame my youth and natural personality. I will only lend you something if I know you will give it back, otherwise I will give without expecting a return, such as the garlic to the neighbors yesterday.  I will also give with a calculation of this is the type of world I want to live in. I think community is a cornerstone of what I do that is highly unexplored. I can get people over for certain things, like I had a picking party that went well. I want to have a jam session soon (jam making, music making, and starting the liqueurs). But we are not at the point here where people understand that braiding garlic is actually sitting around schmoozing with your hands lightly busy. But, I have time. It's just frustratingly slow sometimes.
2 days ago

"What is going to seed in our garden now? We have Red Winter Kale (B. napus), Collards (B. oleraceae), Pak Choy(B. rapa) and Giant Red Mustard(B. juncea) all going to seed. They all have the same genus but different species so there will be no cross pollination. Easy!"
2 days ago
Tyler, I hope you are pleasantly surprised and the family gets better.

Us wannabe super heroes have this mental image of perfection involving an able bodied person, alone, well equipped, and in control, like what I saw in the movies. Really though resilience comes from diversity.  Diversity in people not just soil organisms. I have really been realizing this.  The problem is, even when I offered free garlic and other plants,  no one has come to harvest with me. Even when over 100 people saw my offer. How do you build community where one doesn't exist? I don't even have anyone  I can safely pawn the baby off on regularly, despite living in a town with family. So if I fail,  the system fails. That's a lot of pressure.  It's stupid.  Not that I don't have friends or don't get together with family,  it's just not the tight-knit community humans are supposed to enjoy. Everyone's 9-5-ing maybe??

*sigh* I'm sure my independent personality doesn't help with the whole community building.
2 days ago
We seem to have every possible disease here, so I'm constantly dancing between one plant's death and another's arrival or some environmentally friendly defense against pest and disease. There are disease resistant varieties, but that doesn't mean disease  proof. There are ways to reduce transmission, but with your neighbor's right there, you may not be able to control that.  If the canker is in danger of taking out all trees in your area, maybe patience is key. It doesn't immediately kill the trees either, so if you grow new seedlings regularly, you could always have apples... this is the strategy our black raspberry uses against orange rust. Good luck!
5 days ago
Very nice! It kind of goes towards the much needed give vague direction thing. I think L4- and L3- should be reversed as I think breaking new ground is worse than using already used lands.
5 days ago
I'm looking at things like this light.  $12 ea. 2-3/room barely  noticable panels. This doesn't have a remote, but others do.
1 week ago
Yes, I suspect we will want to fully convert, but a decentralized system intrigues me because of its ease,  flexibility, and scalability. I'll have to see how these things react in winter. I got a 3 pack of lights and only needed 1 for outdoor lighting, so I have left 1 in an equator-facing window and one in a west facing window. They are on the inside, because I wanted to test their limits. The one facing south was a great night light level of light for a 15x30 room.  The one to the west was not impressive, though you could see near it.

I'm trying also this "weird" idea of letting my eyes adjust to natural light versus flipping the switch every time I enter a room. Our natural light in summer is awesome.  Winter snow reflection actually acts like a night light here.

Some of these outdoor lights run on AA rechargeable batteries, which cost like $15 to replace when they go bad. Not sure how long that takes.

Our major appliances are all probably higher amperage than the sun power we get here too, so I'm not sure a centralized system would be worth it for us.
1 week ago
I should also mention our power bill is about $100/mo and the average person here spends about 8% in lighting,  so that means we're spending about $100/yr on lighting currently. The conversion would thereby pay for itself in 6 years if nothing needed subsequent replacement, or no replacement more than the cost of the light bulbs.
1 week ago
Anyone here "rewired" a standard house lighting system by using solar powered shed /landscape lights? So the system is no longer centralized (the panel just drilled to the outsideof each room or something? If so, how'd it work? I see it can be done for like $30/room and am tempted. I got some lighting for the outside of our home and was so impressed with the improvements since the last time I used solar for lighting I've been inspired.
1 week ago
You may want to add this the permaculture Ohio facebook group.
1 week ago