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I've seen many authors use to do their giveaways, it's like a sweepstakes. You ask online entrants to do social proof by following your page, signing up for email newsletter, follow on Twitter, etcetera. You can assign how many points you want to give each activity. Then it does the drawing!
@r ramson - Yes they do, or at least did. I have one! I don't use it as a cell phone though, but it has capability.  It's a Samsung. Perhaps it can be sold? It's about 2 years old and still works. Reply or private message me if this interests you!
1 year ago
I wanted to change it from @intuitivetiming to @timingmagic ❤️
Hello there!  I have been trying to figure out how to change my Twitter username because I changed it recently.  However, I notice that it is only viewable on the "Mobile View" of my profile, not my "Desktop View" - is there something that was overlooked?

I also saw how you can put photos on, I am going to try it but I didn't see any measurement specifications - are there any?  I may give it a shot anyway!

Thanks for all of your help in advance! <3
Nice area for herbs, I would think! I have collected a lot of resources here:
I hope this helps 😊
1 year ago
Shawn, you may want to look into this. I found out about it from Smashwords, the ebook competitor to Amazon!

Let us know how that works out for you! 😎
Good system Martin!  I realize I posted on this 4 years ago and in the meantime, I learned of another way and my man stopped smoking cigarettes, after doing so for around a decade.

I don't recall exactly which herbalists were involved in a conversation online somewhere, but I remember Darcy Blue French in Tucson, AZ area had mentioned the Native American purpose of Tobacco.  Within that cultural framework, Tobacco is a master plant, a teacher.  He is "grandfather" and the plant is burned and smoked, but also offered at times without burning, and the purpose was twofold: prayer for what you would like, and being thankful for all you already have.  So, as you come into a place of "right use" in your own "practice," your space and your energy shifts.  There was a mention also that folks that choose to smoke are balancing (or attempting to balance) their own energies with father and grandfather archetypes - as loving authority, as provider, a leader.  They need focus, direction - and the smoke metaphorically can block out distractions and get stuff done, which is great, until there is a backlog of what is blocked out.  Most of the time, the backlog is emotional processing that needs to be done.  Our society doesn't honor this process, and instead honors being busy doing stuff and productive and tangible results to show for it.

So, the usual way people smoke is they are stressed out, and as they smoke they think about ALL the stuff they're stressed about.  But then, if you think about it, it is like PRAYING for that, you get more stressful events or situations and therefore more stress!  And the cycle keeps going!

Try this instead:  On your smoke breaks (or whenever you smoke), light up and say in your own words, "Thank you Spirit of Grandfather Tobacco for all the blessings I have!  (If you can name your blessings and say thank you, even better, no matter how small - you can be thankful you found a penny on the sidewalk and the gratitude can be the same as winning a car, or getting a new job, it doesn't matter what it is - what matters is in your heart feeling GRATEFUL for the penny just as much as finding the love of your life or excellent health or a 7-digit bank account!).  Really feel your thankfulness as you smoke!

Then, you may ask Grandfather Tobacco Spirit for the things you WANT in your life.  If you wish for a raise, or a new job, or a well-matched life partner, or good health, a beautiful home, to travel - whatever it is that you truly desire.  You can ask for solutions to a problem as well, and see it being solved or just gone.  While you're at it, ask for broader things, like a balanced life where you own your power and make good decisions that help you and others.  Just as incense smoke carries prayers, Tobacco smoke can too.

By the end of the cigarette when you are putting it out to do whatever you are doing (like walking back as many smoke outdoors nowadays), THANK Tobacco AGAIN, this time for all you have and all you SHALL have, and know that the prayers are heard and that Spirit is working hard to figure out how to deliver your wishes, and you just allow it.  Act as though your "check is in the mail" and it is only a matter of time.  And remain happy and light in your heart as much as possible, and even if hurt happens (and you are allowed to acknowledge that), don't forget all the blessings right now, as well as future blessings that will be a big surprise when they come!

Now - I can imagine the Kinnickinnick method can also be implemented because this is also designed for gratefulness and prayer!

My guy didn't need to go this far as he only smoked 2 or 3 cigarettes a day, so JUST by doing the above, without an expectation of when he would stop; one day he just didn't need to anymore (and in his case, it was weeks, not months or years, but do what works).  Blessings were coming in!  Now, we have organic loose tobacco that is not smoked but a pinch offered at the foot of a tree when we go hiking nearby.  The same method can be implemented.

I hope this helps some of you who are curious about the deeper emotional reasons, for which when they become known, it can make quitting tremendously easier. While tobacco may have a physical addiction aspect, I believe freeing the emotional addicting aspect can contribute greatly toward making the physical part well within one's ability to conquer!  I watched it work, and it is worth sharing!
3 years ago