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Dave Burton wrote:I might have to repost this in a separate thread, but we'll see how this goes.

How does someone share what resonates with them (their little fire, their dreams, desires, and hopes) with people that care about them, when they differ from what their loved ones hope for them?

I do know what you mean here Dave and in my experience it's just a matter of finding the areas where someone can relate as a positive.  I don't have to be the crazy guy who grafted 1200 apple trees in his backyard -- I can be the guy who came and planted 2 dwarf heirloom apple trees in someone's yard - for free!  Not a builder of earthworks, but the guy who bought an excavator and taught his teenage daughter how to operate it.  I don't talk through the detailed benefit of the black locust tree, but certainly can share that those trees I planted 4 years ago already have a 5 inch trunk!
Whether you try or not, people will find something to relate to and kind of latch onto that - you don't have to explain the whole theory and rationale for it to people who aren't quite ready for it.

I think also for parents, they want something exceptional for their children, and sometimes you know what that is for you better than they do and they will catch up later.  You will always do better at something when you have a true passion and interest in it, so exactly what that thing is has less to do with it all.  I didn't picture my wife turning a little Facebook interest group into a career in writing and selling digestive supplements, but as she followed her passion for educating, the business just took off!  It certainly wan't a plan up front - just where passion crossed into making business sense...
4 days ago
As soon as we get a few dry days, cut the lower two trunks close to the main trunk.  Getting one solid shoot above the graft up over the 6-7 ft browse line for deer will be the best long term for the tree.
6 days ago
I make soup quite often, and almost anything can fit into a soup, but it's really the same issue: if you have tidbit but aren't making a soup, what do you do?
My solution is to keep a container for soup in the freezer -- if there are leftovers, surplus that will go bad, etc, it just goes into the container until soup day: a half cup of spaghetti sauce, half a tomato that would spoil otherwise, some leftover vegetables from dinner, and a little takeout fried rice, some corn cut off a drying lftover cob --- all just hanging out until the basic of a soup are ready to welcome them in...
This has worked so well that I have a second container now for soup stock: a few steak bones and chicken leg bones, a raw chicken back and some skin taken off for a previous meal, the drippings from a roast pan....  also waiting to be added to a nice stock when the time comes...

I think this can work for your normal leftovers and many of your misc garden items too!
2 weeks ago

Brian Rodgers wrote:
Oh my it's a little early in the morning to get my mouth watering like this, lol.
Is this all local  pick up and delivery?

Yes, this is mostly for the Portland-Seattle corridor.
But if someone want to source some purebred Wagyu calves, good stock can be hard to locate and may be worth more of a drive.
2 weeks ago

Jocelyn Campbell wrote:Nice!!

I appreciated all your details about how they are raised from calves up - including a closed herd. Lovely pictures at your website, too. This one interested me in particular:

We love giving the momma cows some treats and this is the perfect place to take the apple pomace right after some cider pressing...

2 weeks ago
Just a note for those interested in buying grassfed beef (or maybe live calves)

Our beef orders went live at :

We have arrangements with shops in Kelso, Cornelius, Ridgefield, Rochester. And I sometime deliver up to the Seattle area as well!

Feel free to email any questions!!
2 weeks ago
My American chestnuts will usually have 2 filled out nuts and one little sliver like that.  Between the squirrels and the deer, I usually only find the husk and the little sliver with the meaty nuts long gone.
1 month ago
I think the #1 goal is a lot of variety for seasonal coverage, but that is a strong point in most permie systems.

In the linden family, I would lean toward the tilia cordata because the fragrance is no incredible.  It grows very well in the PNW.
1 month ago
Your zone should be fine to plant apple seeds a half inch deep in a long garden row and let them grow out for a year.  Plant 2 seeds per inch and don't worry about crowding, just weed them and lightly mulch with something dry like wood chips.  You can put a few rows 6 inch apart and still have access to weed them.  Dig for transplant in the Dec-Feb dormant season

I never grew elderberry from seed.  It's very easy to take 2-6 ft cuttings and stick them in the ground to grow! 
But the growth pattern of elderberry doesn't fit a living fence well - too fragile  and holds soft dead wood.  Have you considered buying some Black Locust or osage orange seedlings in wholesale bundles?
Our online business is in formulating and selling natural products and supplements into Japan.  But we now have a page that is in English (mostly!) for the USA only.
Key products are:
Probiotics - a very good shelf stable blend, and a chewable that is designed to not be damaged in the stomach
Digestive - a top-quality Leaky Gut product in powder form
Bone broth and collagen powder - quick and easy supplement or cooking stock
Essential oils - many types, mostly organic
Shampoo and conditioner - very natural products, some pre-mixed with essential oils

So please: browse, shop, tell us what needs fixed
3 months ago