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Our online business is in formulating and selling natural products and supplements into Japan.  But we now have a page that is in English (mostly!) for the USA only.
Key products are:
Probiotics - a very good shelf stable blend, and a chewable that is designed to not be damaged in the stomach
Digestive - a top-quality Leaky Gut product in powder form
Bone broth and collagen powder - quick and easy supplement or cooking stock
Essential oils - many types, mostly organic
Shampoo and conditioner - very natural products, some pre-mixed with essential oils

So please: browse, shop, tell us what needs fixed
1 month ago
I have taken these alder off the sides of logging roads and they do ok.  If the leaves are already budding, transplant success rate is low..
This is my preferred N-fixer for low swampy areas, next to streams and ditches.  One caution is that alder easily fall down, so plan into the future as such..
1 month ago
Aronia is my #1 jam every year.  I usually make it with something else in season at the same time.

Last year I used white plums which are very sweet:
Cook down whhite plum puree on simmer for 45 minutes (condensing down the puree to be thicker and sweeter), add whole aronia berries in equal quantity by weight and bring to a simmer - then simmer for 45 min (keeps berries whole but mushy).  Fill into jars and water bath boiling for 20 minutes.
I like this recipe because the berries keep good shape and the whole berries make an attractive natural spread.  This recipe has no added sugar or pectin, and sets up medium firm (not hard, but won't run out of the jar when tipped either.

I have also had good results with half aronia and half blackberry jam.

Just a tip on ripeness: Aronia berries will get black many weeks before they are really ripe.  When ripening from red to black, there should be no red berries left on the whole bush and the time from first blackish berries to fully rip is 4-6 weeks.  The berries will be fat and easily leak juice when ripe.  Many people pick the berries before they are ripe and decide they don't like aronia berries - a tragic mistake...
1 month ago

Bill Weible wrote:Question:  Now we are in July and one of the branches from my rootstock is overtaking the scion in growth rate.  OK to prune off the rootstock branch now?  I left it grow in case the graft failed, but it looks like it will be OK.

Yes, those can be pruned off now and the graft will do better for it.  I find when they are soft you can just "fold" them down by hand and they pop off.  Of course pruners are better if you have them with you..
2 months ago
You are generally just fine using these suckers -- those closest to the main trunk are usually the most likel to have roots that survive well.

Basic process: dig up the sucker in dormant season - make sure it has at least a few root hairs on it.  Plant  in a bed to develop its root system - it can be grafted in the spring when it starts to bud out.

The same can be done for rooted side shoots on rootstocks - cut near the trunk and as long as some root is there they tend to have high survival rate.
2 months ago
We use Stripe as a primary payment form.  It has been easy to integrate and works well internationally.  It's always of interest to get the fees lower, but even direct merchant services through a bank are fairly expensive and much harder to integrate online.
Still looking for a good fit.  Adding a few pictures too!
4 months ago
We are in process renovating house and property and pursuing some business activity in the same space.  There are many places we can use a hand and the property offers some unique experiences.  Business activity should be able to eventually support full time work and lodging at the property -- things are still in process to get us there.

Property is 14 acres in Longview, WA, USA.  Not a typical Permie homestead, but a unique and peaceful place with some jaw-dropping features.

Requires a hard worker with an open mind -- many opportunities can be made to fit skills and interest.  PM me with what your availability is, skills you bring, and what would make an ideal longer term setting you you.

5 months ago
Give them some time -- there is just a small amount of energy going into the graft, so those will bud slower -- if you cut off the twigs below the graft twice a year you will do fine.
5 months ago
I might cut if the roots are spiraled or snarled together, but if rootbound part is minor I just step on the ball to splay it out or step on it in the hole..
5 months ago