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Recent posts by Karen Crane

Reply to the man near Redding . I live "near" Corning, about an hour plus from Redding.
Would like to talk to you about properties in /around,.or not even in the area.
I have looked in New Mexicoas well as northern Michigan. So far not found "home".
Want o move. Right now have 2 acres with older mobile in Rancho Tehama.
Biggest issue, cant seem to get reliable phone service and huge drop off
and slope filled land. Looking for something better in my budget ( low).
Please contact me at transformnow99@gmail,com
8 years ago
Been reading about the problem that the main grid is compromised
( they are claiming that even cars won't work) True or not?
if attecked and wonder if there us a big EMP attack
will solar? wind power still aork?

9 years ago
Thanks for your help.
According to your cost estimate, it would
cost me over $10,000 to put in solar.
Good grief! That is with a low income reduced rate.
If I had to use the full "value" of what with bill would be
without the low income recuction it would probably be over $20,000!
Sorry don't have that kind of money!
Yes, I understand, lessen the electrical load.
Looking at what I woud want to get rid of.....
definately need to keep the water/well pump.... fridge
and if I end up getting one, possibly the freezer.
some lights. ,,,, really want to be able to use the computer
and right now need an internet phone as there is no land lines here.
That would only eliminate the TV which I guess I could get on the internet
but again that would take moe power. ug.
I have read about people who have it all with solar and now hate
to think what i costs them to do it.
Where I am and with the money I havek it is cheaper to stay on the grid.
Is there a way to have both?
When there is no power, I would want the well pump to still work along with the fridge.
9 years ago
YES YES...need this resource!
I have no clue about what is a watt, Ohm or anything but want to get off the grid.
Would be interested in making solar panels as it is much cheaper I've heard.
No clue on how to do it.
No one seemd to be addressing theproblem when the batteries wear out.
What happens to all that acid that is inside?
Can the batteries be "rehabbed"? Or do they need to get dumped at some point?
Just saw something about making electricity with wood?
Would this be any better? Could have a big wood lot with sustainaboe wood growing and ise that as it recycles itself.
Anyone know anything about wood to make electricity?
9 years ago
Everything yu say sounds good and I would love to live like that.
Why MI? Why want to be involved with winter?
Rather be somewhere we can grow food all year and not freeze ourselves or plants.
How do you resolve those with not much money? Low income?
Are of a minority? Or are LGBT? No one wants to talk about those issues?
Would not want to live around bigots and rednecks ( sorry if that is offensive).
Would like to hear more about those problems.
Want to MOVE! Any thoughts?
9 years ago
WOW I had never thought of using seaweed in housing
construction. then I saw an article about it.
Sems like people in the older days did use it
and the insulation value and more are being
brought back as seaweed is CO2 negative!
Here is more about it......
9 years ago
The stuffed pocket idea I talked about for a mat tress
was not thinking to open up pockets to wash or fluff but
wash as is and if it is done right I hope will not bunch up.
How about weaving the wool ( as well as knitting it?
I saw some really neat woven blankets that were soooo soft !
The wool from the morino sheep ( think that is the breed)
is really soft and knits and iw woven for allkinds of garments.
Like you I have a ton of ideas......
mind is willing........ body refuses!
9 years ago
Problem withColorado is that they think they own the water. Ca't build swales,
ponds. and might meter your well.
Although I did see recently they MAY allow you collect the water off your roof.
If that is true, then by golly make those roofs extended, and if it is restricted to
only a dwelling, extend those roofs do a really good job!
9 years ago
Like your ideas. I was very interested in your thoughts about washing the wool.
Years ago I had an idea about washing the wool while ON the
body of the sheep.
Is this what you were talking about?
Iam also interested in your mattress . bedding thoughts.
Back in the long ago day, people did use wool for bedding,
Not sure how it was kept from clumping when washed,
Or maybe it was never washed? (back then they had different
ideas about hygene.
Was thib=nking about using a pattern of smallish sized " pockets to
hold the wool so that it might not clump as much?
I was thinking about making quits made out of rabbit pelts.
Don't have rabbits, or the money to buy the pelts that are ready to use.
9 years ago
What about those of us who already have land and would like to put this plan into action?
Anyone interested in doing this?
9 years ago