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Our "herds" are small and mostly backyards that do not touch wild sheep ranges. We do not have shared grazing grounds like some places and no cases of domestic animals causing problems with them. They are having issues with herd size due to predators and harsh winters and so numbers being down they want to head off perceived problems before one happens. Seems like destruction of private property without any proof our animals are causing problems. Any way. I figured people on here were for people not big government and big money. Delisting would hurt a lot of people in hay, raising grains and straw, let alone people who depend on the animals for food and fiber. They should just fence in the wild sheep and make sure they cannot wander into areas the guides dont want them to go. Like we fence our critters from predators. We are trying to figure out how to be much more self sufficient up here since we rely so heavily on trucking food up from the lower forty-eight. This would certainly not help local food at all.
Up here in Alaska we are having some problems with the Board of Game wanting to remove sheep and goats from the clean list to stop any possible contact with the wild sheep to prevent spread of disease. They have all their science and are certain we should give up our sheep and goats so they can continue to do their hunts. I spoke before the board as well as several other farmers up here. Has anyone else had trouble with this. We are being told sheep are dying all over the place down there in the lower forty-eight. Many people use these animals for meat, milk and improving soil... clearing brush and keeping it clear. Also for fiber. We have some pretty upset and discouraged people here. Please think of us as you go through out your day. If you are the praying type, please pray they dont take our animals away from us.
Very cool! I like Deep Roots too! But I am sure the name will come to you as you work the ground and bring forth the farm. I hope you will be able to document and share. I have learned so much and have so much more to learn. Good luck with the community part too!
5 years ago

Here is a link to our soap making video. It sounds like the same thing many on here posted. Our first video of stuff we do. Just thought we would share it with others.
7 years ago
She has one for you. Do you want it posted here or somewhere else. Then you can say if you want more background or something changed. Or if it isnt what you are after at all. lol
Well, she is going to work on it today. We will send it to you and you can use it or not if it doesnt suit the purpose. Fun!
Have you found someone? My daughter draws a lot. She thinks she can do it. Do you just want to see what people can do and then choose the one you like or how are you going about choosing someone to do the artwork? Is this volunteer or paid art? Thanks